MAKEUP TIPS FOR GLASSES WEARERS - Specsavers Osiris Eyewear - CassandraMyee

Now I know what you might be thinking - wearing glasses doesn't mean you have to have a specific makeup look, or follow a set of rules, and I am completely with you on that. For this post I wanted to focus on a few things that I like to do that helps to balance out my face with frames on, and also some tips on how to minimise the foundation to glasses transfer that is a constant struggle.

MAKEUP TIPS FOR GLASSES WEARERS - Specsavers Osiris Eyewear - CassandraMyee

I recently joined the glasses gang at the beginning of the year and it definitely took a bit of getting used to. I was putting off getting my eyes tested for ages, but finally went to Specsavers and cashed in my free eye exam for being an AA member. The result was I needed glasses (no surprises there right) - not for all the time however, mainly for driving, and using the computer etc. I initially picked out frames and sunglasses from the Colette Dinnigan line, which has a great range of modern designs. 

Specsavers recently got in contact with me to see if I wanted to pick out some new glasses from the brand new Osiris range that has some really unique and fun designs. I went for the Vitale* style for my glasses (pictured throughout the post) and the Gino* style with sunglasses lens in them, for something a bit different compared to the Colette ones I got first. Now onto some of my makeup tips I've learnt from having to wear glasses.

MAKEUP TIPS FOR GLASSES WEARERS - Specsavers Osiris Eyewear - CassandraMyee
The main problem I have with wearing glasses is the whole foundation rubbing off on the frames and leaving marks on the bridge of my nose, and because I don't have to wear my glasses all the time, it's a constant struggle. Now this isn't completely avoidable, but there are a few things that you can do to help prevent it somewhat. I can't go without a primer, so this step definitely helps to get your base to adhere better to the skin and increase the wear time. Something I've also found that helps is bringing my lid primer onto the sides and bridge of my nose, where the glasses are going to be indirect contact with the skin - Benefit Stay Don't Stray is great for this, and also works well under the eyes too.

As I have oily skin in the first place, I use a powder everyday to set things down, but I always focus it a lot more on the bridge and sides of my nose and also under the eye area. Also taking a powder compact in your bag means you can touch up if things do start to rub off throughout the day. 

Another tip is to use a good setting spray either spritzed over the face entirely, or spray some on a beauty blender/sponge and dab it over the bridge of the nose, so your foundation/powder has more of a barrier from your glasses. 

MAKEUP TIPS FOR GLASSES WEARERS - Specsavers Osiris Eyewear - CassandraMyee
Because glasses hide your eye area a bit, I like to always use a brightening concealer, particularly my holy grail Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eye Eraser in the shade Brightening. It will hide any dark circles and shadows, and make your eyes pop more with specs on.

Brows are always an important step in my makeup routine, but I find with my glasses they are especially crucial. As I chose darker frames, they can look quite stark, so filling and shaping my brows helps to bring more depth and balance to the face.

MAKEUP TIPS FOR GLASSES WEARERS - Specsavers Osiris Eyewear - CassandraMyee
If you have longer lashes and you wear glasses, you might have the problem with them hitting your lens (not a problem for me currently, but if Revitalash works we'll see...). So I say coat the top lashes for sure, but maybe don't go to overboard with the lengthening, instead focus on the bottom lashes to make them more defined and darker. This will also help to give your eyes more focus rather than the frames, and it also makes your eyes look bigger - it's a win-win!

MAKEUP TIPS FOR GLASSES WEARERS - Specsavers Osiris Eyewear - CassandraMyee

Not technically a makeup tip but something that is really important if you do where makeup and glasses daily - keep them as clean as possible. If, or when, your foundation does start to rub off on your glasses (hopefully not too much if you follow the Prime + Set tips above), make sure you wipe it off with a soft cloth. Foundation and hair product etc. can eat away at the coating on the frames, plus who wants to walk around with giant smudges on their lens? Water works, but the Lens Cleaner that they give you when you get your glasses is really good too.

So that's just a few makeup tips that I like to employ when wearing my glasses. If you're a glasses wearer, I'd love to know if you do anything in particular with your makeup!

*PR Sample. All thoughts my own.

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