AUSTRALIS | New Primers - The Original, Cya Later Pores + Blemish Buster

AUSTRALIS | New Primers - The Original, Cya Later Pores + Blemish Buster - Review + Swatches - CassandraMyee

I will without a doubt use a primer every time I apply makeup - for me, it's a crucial step in my routine so I'm always looking for great primers that help prolong my foundation wear. Nowadays brands are coming out with all sorts of different primers to target certain skin concerns and Australis have jumped in the ring and recently released three new primers*, that should cover most people's primer needs.

AUSTRALIS | New Primers - The Original, Cya Later Pores + Blemish Buster - Review + Swatches - CassandraMyee

THE ORIGINAL* [40ml]  | RRP $21.00
This one comes in the biggest tube and from what I can imagine would suit most people. It has a light lotion like feel to it, and it instantly sinks into the skin; it doesn't do anything magic in the pore filling department but it does help in smoothing the skin and allowing foundation to glide on over top. This one has vitamin A and C in it to offer some anti-aging goodness to the skin as well as aloe vera and cucumber extract which helps to retain moisture in the skin - so dry skinned girls, head for this one.

BLEMISH BUSTER* [30ml] | RRP $19.90
If you're an oily skin gal or suffer from acne, this is the primer for you! This one has a slight green tinge to it so it helps to counteract any redness in the skin and it helps to promote healing of blemishes, and treating the skin with argan oil and evening primrose oil (some of my favourites to use in my skincare routine in the first place!) This one is relatively drying, and a small amount really goes a long way, and it almost feels like a light gel once you apply it. Wait a few minutes for it to set down (I usually aim for 10 minutes after priming before applying my foundation as a general rule anyway). It's not as smoothing as the Cya Later Pores, or The Original, but it definitely creates a good canvas for products and mattifies the skin.

CYA LATER PORES* [20ml] | RRP $19.90
My main skin concern (along with spots) is my enlarged pores, so I always like to hunt down a primer that is going to help smooth and fill them in so they don't look as prominent. This is perhaps the most traditional feeling primer out of the three, with that distinct slippy, silicon like consistency and feel on the skin. It has vitamin E to moisturise, with silicone to control oil, and almond oil to promote healthier skin. I've actually almost finished this tube, as it is the smallest of the three (unsure why that is), but you don't really need a lot of it. Now I don't find this as pore filling when compared to primers like Benefit The Porefessional or the Garnier 5 Sec Perfect Blur (both I love), but it is a great alternative, and works well to smooth out the skin compared to if I don't use it.

You can find the new primers at Farmers and pharmacies around the country.

What primer would you go for? Have you used any of these Australis primers yet?

*PR Samples.

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