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BOURJOIS PARIS | Upcoming Releases + First Impressions - CassandraMyee

About a month or so ago I was invited to celebrate the NZ launch of makeup brand Bourjois. I'm sure most of you would have heard of the brand before, particularly from those in the UK who are always raving about their products. I used to buy it off ASOS, as it was the only way to get it to NZ, but now Farmers stores across the country have Bourjois stands, with all of the iconic products available. I was extremely fortunate to get a large goodie bag of things to try out, so here are my thoughts on a few things from their lineup of current products and some new releases for Summer.

BOURJOIS PARIS | Upcoming Releases + First Impressions - CassandraMyee

BOURJOIS PARIS | Upcoming Releases + First Impressions - Air Mat Foundation Shade 01 + 04 - CassandraMyee

Air MAT Foundation* | NZD $33.00
If you read my Most Loved October, you'll know that I am a huge fan of this foundation and have been using it practically every single day since I got it. I was given two shades, 01 Rose Ivory and 04 Beige, out of the total six. 01 is a great match for me currently, and 04 works perfectly for me when I'm faked tanned and it doesn't have an orangey undertone unlike some foundations. The idea behind this foundation is that it will give a natural, matte undetectable finish to the skin that feels light, while also providing great coverage. I don't think it's the lightest feeling on the skin, but I have to agree that it looks natural, gives great medium/full coverage and the matte finish keeps oil at bay for longer. A little goes a long way as well, and blending it into the skin is a breeze. I find it lasts well over 12 hours on me (although I do have to do the odd powder here and there), and doesn't emphasis pores or fine lines. I really love this foundation and will happily be purchasing another tube of it once I am finished!

BOURJOIS PARIS | Upcoming Releases + First Impressions - Aqua Blushes + Pot Blush - CassandraMyee

Aqua Blush 12hr in 04 Berry Nice* + 01 Inge-Nude* | NZD $28.00 each
These blushes are part of the 2015 summer collection called Swimming Cool, and are perfect for the warmer months. I am a big fan of cream blushes, and these ones are unlike any other formula I have used before. The texture is extremely light and watery (hence 'aqua' being in the name) and I find they blend really well into the skin. One pump is more than enough product for both cheeks; I like to just take my finger and tap three dots up along my cheeks, blend it with my fingers and then go over it with a damp sponge to really ensure it is blended seamlessly. These don't interrupt the foundation underneath and give the skin a natural and radiant glow. There are four shades available, including 02 Cocoricorail and 03 Pink Twice.

Pot Blush in 34 Rose d'Or*
These gorgeous little pots of makeup goodness have been around since the very early days of the brand, about 150 years ago! Obviously the packaging has developed over time, but they still kept the iconic dome shaped and small packaging. This blush has lovely pigmentation and the colour is a dusky pink with shots of golden shimmer throughout it. It does come off a touch glittery on the skin though but does give a good sheen in place of a highlighter. 

BOURJOIS PARIS | Upcoming Releases + First Impressions - Mascara, Felt Tip Liner + La Laque Polishes - CassandraMyee

Push Up Volume Glamour Mascara* in 71 Wonder Black
I'm a mascara junkie and love trying out new ones - this one from Bourjois has really impressed! The brush is quite massive, but the bristles are nicely spaces so they grab onto the lashes and coat them well. This gives good volume and density at the base of the lashes, but doesn't give a ton of length. This doesn't flake away or cause any 'panda eyes' situations and is just an all round good mascara.

BOURJOIS PARIS | Upcoming Releases + First Impressions - Liner Feutre Felt Tip Liner - CassandraMyee

Liner Feutre Felt-Tip Eyeliner in 11 Noir*
This style of felt tip liner is my favourite and one I find really easy to use. As eyeliners go, this one is a stand out for me, the colour is dense and black on one swipe and the tip isn't too flexible so you get a bit of control and precision with it. It sets down quickly and doesn't fade or smudge away on my lids. 

BOURJOIS PARIS | Upcoming Releases + First Impressions - La Laque Nail Polish - CassandraMyee

La Laque Polishes* | NZD $15.00
These are going to be released to counters in January, so I apologise for teasing you with these amazing polishes. I'm a big fan of these; there are a total of 12 shades in this range and they're definitely going to be one to buy if you're a nail polish lover like me. The brush on these are so wide that it covers the nail in one swipe and you can get away with just the one coat, for full opaque colour. 

BOURJOIS PARIS | Upcoming Releases + First Impressions - Rouge Edition Velvet + Sweet Kiss Gloss - CassandraMyee

BOURJOIS PARIS | Upcoming Releases + First Impressions - Rouge Edition Velvet + Sweet Kiss Gloss - CassandraMyee

Rouge Edition Velvet in Happy Nude Year*
I am so so excited that these are going to be available here now after hearing so many UK bloggers rave about the formula! They are really great liquid lip products; they feel comfortable on the lips, provide a matte, long lasting finish and don't get all dry and cakey like some liquid lipsticks can do. 

Sweet Kiss Gloss 10hr Hydration in 01 Sand-Sation* + 06 Carton Rouge* | NZD $27.00 
We all know by now my aversion to sticky lip glosses and thankfully these aren't one bit sticky or tacky at all. These glosses feel so light and soft on the lips you can barely feel them and they are instantly nourishing as well. There are six shades available and these are apart of the Swimming Cool range for Summer (along with the Aqua Blush, and three new shades of the 1 Seconde Nail Enamels (NZD $14.00)).

What Bourjois products have you used before? Do you think you will try some of these exciting new releases?

*PR/Gifted Samples.

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