ESSIE | 2015 Summer Nail Polish Collection - Review + Swatches

ESSIE | 2015 Summer Nail Polish Collection - Review + Swatches - CassandraMyee

I think you should all know by now that I am a true nail polish obsessor, and more than that I absolutely adore Essie polishes. They take up the bulk of my collection (I will need to do an updated Essie Collection soon, adding that to the list right now...), and I love the colour ranges, the formula, plus the little bottles with the white lids are far too aesthetically pleasing. In perfect timing for Summer, Essie have released six new shades* that'll have your fingers and toes all set for the warm weather.

ESSIE | 2015 Summer Nail Polish Collection - Review + Swatches - CassandraMyee

The six shades are absolutely gorgeous and love the mix of blues and oranges; the whole collection works so well together. The brush on the Essie polishes are so good, they're nice and wide so they basically coat the nail in one swipe, and formula wise they deliver - lasting at least 4-5 with very minimal chipping (to note - I always use a base and top coat).

ESSIE | 2015 Summer Nail Polish Collection - Review + Swatches - CassandraMyee

ESSIE | 2015 Summer Nail Polish Collection - Review + Swatches - CassandraMyee


Private Weekend | This is my current favourite nail polish for summer (so much so I repainted it twice last month, and it featured in my December Most Loved) Unlike Essie Blanc, this one has a subtle micro shimmer throughout it which gives it a bit more dimension on the nails. It's opaque in two coats and isn't streaky at all.

Saltwater Happy | If you love Bikini So Teeny, you are bound to love this shade too. It's a little lighter and has a cream finish without the micro shimmers. It looks stunning on the nails and I think I might have to repaint this one on mine tonight!

Pret-A-Surfer | Described as an 'immersive marine blue', this is an opaque cream that is seriously beautiful and very reminiscent of the ocean. This one you can get away with one coat, but I always do two for good measure.

Chillato | Amazing name aside, this creamy yellowy-green (or as Essie describe it 'frozen cream pistachio) is super unique and looks great on the nails - especially with a tan. This one needs a bit of extra love; one coat and it's pretty sheer and streaky, two you can get away with, but if you want it totally opaque, you'll need three.

Peach Side Babe | As you might guess by the name this is a summer-ready peach shade. Two thin coats and this one is ready to go. I'm going to put this on my toes next I think!

Sunset Sneaks | To round out the collection is a bright watermelon red shade. I adore this colour and you can get away with one coat on this one.

Overall it is a stunning collection and perfectly apt for the summer season. If I had to pick two shades I think you should buy, it would be Private Weekend and Peach Side Babe - but any of them are going to look amazing! They're available at Farmers for a limited time for NZD $22.99 each.

Have you got your hands on any of the Essie Summer Collection? What shade takes your fancy?

*PR Samples.

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