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Welcome to 2016 everyone! We made it (all in one piece I hope?!) I was going to crack right back into the beauty babble today from my week break but I thought I would actually do a little reflection on 2015 and update you all on what I've been up to over Christmas and New Years. Plus a little on what I'd like 2016 to bring. If you're not fussed about my life ramblings, check back on Friday (the 8th) for a brand new beauty post, but for today here's what I've been up to...

ON 2015

I did a couple 'reflection' style posts last year (On Turning 25, On Moving) and in a way they are very cathartic to write, and are usually off the cuff, unplanned and just plain word vomit (which is probably what this post is going to turn in to, apologies in advance!) But looking back on 2015, all in all it was a pretty damn good year. I can't lie, there were definitely some shit parts, but coming out of it I see them as learning experiences; they really helped me to grow and gave me perspective on my life (cheesy, I know, but very true). 

Twenty-fifteen was a big year for me; I had my first experiences with panic attacks, I turned 25 (and freaked out about it a little), then I moved to another city (something I'd wanted to do for ages), and near the end of the year I met an amazing guy (Hi, if you're reading this!) I also started interning in the field I want my career to be in, and my blog has grown so much over the course of 2015 (my views doubled over the course of a few months, which totally baffled and amazed me). So to be honest I can say 2015, although shaky in the beginning, ended on a really big high and it has me so excited for 2016.    

HELLO 2016 + UPDATES - CassandraMyee


Getting all that emosh stuff out of the way, I thought I'd give you a few updates on what I got up to over the Christmas break. I spent a week over Christmas back in my hometown of Christchurch, well I mostly spent it in Akaroa (a tiny little town on the Banks Peninsula - if you've never been there, you should add it to your travel list. It's beautitful!) My family have a house there and I've spent countless summer's there. There was a lot of eating and drinking with family and friends, I got a little sunburnt (by little, I mean a lot. Naughty me), and spent some time on the boat, just generally relaxing and kicking back with my fam.

The photo on the right is a few of my Christmas gifts from my family - I was very spoilt and loved everything I got. The Tarte Light Of The Party Collector's Case is stunning, and I'll probably do a post on it even though it was limited edition. 

HELLO 2016 + UPDATES - CassandraMyee


I left the South Island for Auckland on the 28th of December and then on the 30th, myself and 15 of my closest friends headed to the Coromandel Peninsula for our New Years celebrations. I've never ventured that way before, and I can't wait to go back (but maybe not do the camping thing next time, more on that soon). We camped at the Top 10 Holiday Park at Hot Water Beach (about two and a bit hours drive from central Auckland), which was a really great campground; the facilities were great and it was only a 5 minute walk to the closest beach, and a 10 minute drive to Haihei. 

On New Years Eve we walked to Cathedral Cove (about 40-45 minutes walk from Haihei), and it was so worth it. The beach was stunning and the scenery was picturesque. Obviously New Years Eve night was very drunken; we spent it at the campsite in our little circle of tents, which became the raging hot spot for the rest of the campers around us. It was hilarious, and stupid, and spending it with my good friends was a total highlight. Sadly our trip came to a very abrupt end. On New Years Day it started to pour down on the campsite, and I mean torrential rain that did not stop at all. So we all decided to pack up and head back to Auckland as the forecast was not flash at all for the rest of the days we should have been staying there. It was a bit disappointing, but if I'm perfectly honest - camping isn't really for me. A few tips from me: take warm clothes, although it's stinking hot during the day it does get colder at night. Dry shampoo rocks. Sunscreen is a must. Foundation slash any other makeup isn't really worth the hassle when you camp. Take a rain jacket (I learnt the hard way). Tents and gazebo's take a while to dry out (especially when it's raining when you get home too). 


Looking to the year ahead makes me super excited. There's a lot I want to do and a lot I want to achieve. I want my blog to get even better, I want to post better quality content, I want to explore more, I want to travel, I want to further my career - all of that good stuff! I hope you'll all join me on this ride! 

So there's all my rambling out of the way - well done if you made it to the end, thank you so much for reading! I hope everyone had a really amazing Christmas and New Years and are just as excited for 2016 as I am. 

What were your 2015 highlights? Anything exciting planned yet for 2016? I'd love to know!

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