SHOP MISS A | Huge $1 Beauty Haul, Swatches + First Impressions

SHOP MISS A | Huge $1 Beauty Haul + Swatches - CassandraMyee

Why yes, you did indeed read that title correctly - everything in this haul only cost USD $1 (about NZD $1.50). It's not often you can find things these days for this cheap but Shop Miss A have everything on their website for only $1 - I mean, it's slightly ridiculous! On the site is not only beauty things, but you can also get jewellery, hair bits and accessories too, and it's all crazily cheap. 

SHOP MISS A | Huge $1 Beauty Haul + Swatches - CassandraMyee

I picked a selection of 21 items* from the website, and went for some brands I knew and then some that just looked cute, or interesting so I wanted to try them out. Obviously, with everything at only $1, my expectations for quality weren't that high, but I've really been surprised by a lot of the products.

My order took about 2 and a half weeks to arrive. For an international online shop, I don't mind the wait. Everything arrived extremely well packaged. It had a thick bubble wrap layer around the outside, packing slip inside with a tissue layer, then another layer of thick packing foam and most items were wrapped individually (i.e. the nail polish and the compacts).

I've broken my haul down into categories with cheeks, eyes, lips and misc. so keep reading to see what items I got and some first impressions on them.

SHOP MISS A | Huge $1 Beauty Haul + Swatches - CassandraMyee

SHOP MISS A | Huge $1 Beauty Haul + Swatches - CassandraMyee

SHOP MISS A | Huge $1 Beauty Haul + Swatches - CassandraMyee


Malibu Glitz Professional Pressed Powder Blush in Mauve + Silky Rose* 
Blushes are definitely one of my beauty vices, I can't help but buy them and I find I gravitate towards them. These two are some of my favourite products I picked - the quality is actually really great, with the blushes having a good pigment to them and I find they blend well on the cheeks. The packaging isn't anything flash, but I can look past that for the product inside. Both colours are gorgeous too as you can see in the swatches. I'd really recommend these from the site.

e.l.f. Shimmering Facial Whip in Spotlight*
They have a lot of e.l.f. products on the site from the essential range (not the black 'Studio' range which is slightly more expensive), which is awesome to see as I really love a lot of their products. I have one of these already in the shade Lilac Petal and I really like the formula of these. You can use them under makeup to give a natural radiant glow, mix it with your foundation, or use it as a regular cream highlighter.

Kleancolor Ms. Chick Blush in Coral*
This is another product I would seriously recommend trying if you want to order from Shop Miss A. There is a bunch of gorgeous shades (I wish I had got a couple of the others now), and the formula is very smooth and pigmented. The shade Coral has a matte finish to it, which I like in a blush and the colour is a good one for Summer.

BR Heart Mosaic Blush in Apricot Hue*
I was definitely drawn to these for the very adorable imprint it had on it, so had to try one of the shades of the 3 available. It reminds me a lot of some of the Physicians Formula blushes that have a similar heart design on them. This has an intense overspray of glitter over the heart, which rubs off after a couple of uses - it ruins the overall look of the compact but the glitter is really intense and not ideal on the cheeks. It doesn't seem to have the best colour pay off yet, I think I need to get down to the actual blush layer.

SHOP MISS A | Huge $1 Beauty Haul + Swatches - CassandraMyee

SHOP MISS A | Huge $1 Beauty Haul + Swatches - CassandraMyee

SHOP MISS A | Huge $1 Beauty Haul + Swatches - CassandraMyee


Giovi Magic Finish Cooked Eye Shadow in 03*
First off this compact is unnecessarily HUGE. It's got 17.8g of eyeshadow in it, for comparison your normal M.A.C eyeshadow pan is only 1.3g. It also has a huge domed lid and it all feels a bit clunky, to be honest. However, the eyeshadow actually swatches really nicely with good pigmentation and it doesn't feel chalky or dry. I could imagine this would look amazing if you used it wet too.

Kleancolor Master Strokes Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick in Rose Gold*
I really like cream eyeshadows in stick form and these ones from Kleancolor (a brand I am really familiar with) seemed like a good product to try out. The formula is well pigmented and creamy and doesn't feel too sticky. I'm yet to use it on the lids yet, but I'm hoping it'll set down and not crease. 

Kleancolor Eyebrow Pencil in Medium Brown*
This style of eyebrow pencil is my go-to, I don't expect it to be anywhere as good as my holy grail Anastasia Brow Wiz, but it's worth a try anyway (especially for $1!) One end has the product in it which winds up, and the other has a spoolie for combing through the brows to get the hairs in the right place. The colour does seems to be a little on the warm side but it was the best fit with the shades they had.

Kleancolor Pixie Jar Liquid + Pencil Liner Set*
I definitely didn't pick this one on packaging alone at all... It is such an interesting little product though, on the bottom is a liquid liner with brush tip, but then you can pull off the top part and it has a wind-up pencil liner inside. The liquid liner seems to have really good pigmentation and staying power and is super black too.

SHOP MISS A | Huge $1 Beauty Haul + Swatches - CassandraMyee

Kleancolor Lash Bow-Tux Volumising Mascara*
Another product from Kleancolor with super cute packaging! The bow tie on it isn't just for decoration though, you can also use it as a lash comb as it detaches. I'm yet to use this mascara but the brush looks great and a volumising formula is always good in my books.

SHOP MISS A | Huge $1 Beauty Haul + Swatches - CassandraMyee

SHOP MISS A | Huge $1 Beauty Haul + Swatches - CassandraMyee


Kleancolor Lip Liner in Deep Red*
My lip liner obsession has gone to new heights now as I can't get enough of them. I'm always looking to try out new brands and formula and so far I'm pleased with this one from Kleancolor. It is more on the hard side than others, but has good pigmentation.

L.A. Colors Auto Lip Liner in Nude*
This wasn't exactly the shade I thought it was going to be but I think it will make a good base for other nude lipsticks over the top. It's a retractable liner, so no sharpener needed, but it's not the most pigmented of shades. It will be interesting to see how it goes on the lips.

Beauty Treats Lip Crayon in 2*
I have a lot of these lip crayon type products, as I love how easy they are to use. This one has a glossy finish, nice pigmentation and the colour is a slightly muted hot pink.

Santee Matte Liquid Lipstick in 6*
Matte lips are my go-to, so when I saw these liquid lipsticks from Santee I had to get one! There were a few shades to choose from and I actually thought this was going to be a deeper pink/red from the photos but it's a gorgeous eggplant purple. The formula seems good, quite thin, with good pigmentation.

Amuse Beauty Matte Lipstick in Rosita*
I did quite like the look of these lipsticks due to the polka dot packaging, and the matte formula sold me on it. The shade Rosita is a lot more baby pink than it looked in the pictures and the pigmentation is more on the sheer side. I'm not totally sold on this yet.

Kleancolor Kleanista Lipstick in Chocolate*
The last lip product I went for was this one from Kleancolour. I thought it was going to be a bit more pigmented than it is, but the sheer formula isn't such a bad thing and could be nice layered over a darker lip liner.

SHOP MISS A | Huge $1 Beauty Haul + Swatches - CassandraMyee


Kleancolor Nail Lacquer in I Do, Romeo, Neon Aqua + Mellow Khaki*
I already have quite a few of the Kleancolor Nail Polishes (if anyone wants to see a collection post, I'd be happy to!), so I am familiar with the formula. They're not the highest quality nail polishes around, but for the price, I think they're pretty stand out. They have SO many shades with lots of different finishes and some really cool glitters. I'll make sure I feature these in an NOTD soon.

e.l.f. Essential Blending Eye Brush*
I really like the Studio line of brushes from e.l.f. (see them here), but haven't used the brushes from the cheaper line up. This feels soft and pretty decent for only a $1. This sort of brush is great for detailed work in the crease, blending shades, or running shadow along the bottom lash line.

SHOP MISS A | Huge $1 Beauty Haul + Swatches - CassandraMyee

Kitty House Post-It Stationery*
The last thing I threw into my order was a little random, but I absolutely love cats so had to have it! They are little post-it notes in the shape of a cat, and you make the little box up so it sits inside of it. It is terribly cute, but not the most practical for writing notes on.

International shipping in NZ was only USD $9.95 for order between $40 and $70. It's $5.95, for orders under $40 and $19.95 for orders over $70. Overall I think it's an awesome site and you can't beat everything for $1! There're a few hidden gems on there for sure, and so many products to choose from - I'm already deciding what I want to order next!

Have you ordered from Shop Miss A before? What do you think of the products I picked?

*Gifted products - all chosen and order by me, with voucher code given.

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