MOST LOVED | April '16 - ColourPop, Garnier, Collection, Benefit + Maybelline

MOST LOVED | April '16 - ColourPop, Garnier, Collection, Benefit + Maybelline - CassandraMyee

It's hard to grasp that it's the end of April already. It only feels like yesterday that it was my birthday at the start of the month! April was a pretty full on month for me, but I've come out the end of it with some exciting new ventures ahead. Beauty wise I tried out a lot of new products, but these few have been ones that have stood out to me this month.

M.A.C | Future M.A.C Collection - Review + Swatches

M.A.C | Future M.A.C Collection - Review + Swatches - CassandraMyee

The brand new Mineralize collection from M.A.C is here! Future M.A.C is packed with lots of soft silvery tones, and lighter shades of grey, pink and blues in a futuristic range of products - think loads of glitter, highlight and a lot of sheen, which is very on trend at the moment.

REMINGTON | Shine Revival Hair Dryer Review

REMINGTON | Shine Revival Hair Dryer Review - CassandraMyee

When it comes to hair tools, I can always trust Remington as producing great quality products that last. I've always been a Remington fan; my current hair dryer (well before this one, I mean!) was a Remington one that I've had for years and years but it still performs just as well as it did when I first got it. My conical curling wand is a Remington too and I use that nearly on a daily basis! The Shine Revival Hair Dryer* is the newest addition to their hair styling range  - you might have seen it featured in my Mother's Day Gift Guide - but today I've got some more in-depth information about the dryer and some of the features.


With Mother's Day fast approaching on the 8th of May, I thought I should compile a little gift guide perfect for a Mum who is a lover of beauty. Although I am not a mother myself, I am a beauty addict and would love to receive any of these products as gifts and I'm sure your Mum will too! I've broken it down into sections, so there's a bit of everything, covering skincare, makeup, nails, and hair.

MAYBELLINE | Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipsticks - Review +Swatches

There's nothing like a new lipstick range or collection to get me excited, so when I got the press release that Maybelline were finally releasing the Color Sensational Creamy Matte* range my ears definitely perked up. A whole new drop of Maybelline releases came out in February (overview of ne…

THE BODY SHOP | British Rose Collection - Review + Swatches

THE BODY SHOP | British Rose Collection - Review + Swatches - CassandraMyee

Calling all The Body Shop fanatics, today a new range has been released into stores in NZ - the beautiful British Rose collection. With Mother's Day on the way (8th of May, just in case you might have forgotten), this collection is packed with amazing products that I'm sure your Mum (or any other lady in your life) will be so appreciative to receive. 

COLOURPOP | Haul, Swatches + First Impressions

COLOURPOP | Haul, Swatches + First Impressions - Super Shock Cheeks, Blushes, Highlighters, Super Shock Shaodws, Ultra Matte Lips, Lippie Stix, Lippie Pencils - CassandraMyee

It was a whole year ago to this day apparently that I posted my first ever ColourPop haul (see it here), so it's only fitting I share my latest haul. I tried to resist the temptation of ordering from them this past year as I knew I would do some serious damage to my bank account. The products I have tried I absolutely love and since then they have added loads of new products like the highlighters, and matte liquid lipsticks, so I just couldn't hold out much longer.


Being a student is pretty darn great. Now that I've flown from the security nest of student life and launched myself into the big wide world, I look back and think I definitely took for granted the time spent being a student (I had six whole years of it!) Uni can be stressful (and it was), but it's also a lot of fun; you get to meet a whole bunch of new people, have an excuse to go out on a Wednesday night, and you usually have a bit of freedom and flexibility with your time. 

During those 'study breaks,' I would almost always find myself procrastinating a little too long and that usually involved browsing many of my favourite online shopping haunts. I hate to think how much money I spent on ASOS while I was studying (those course related costs totally got put to good use...), but there was one great perk of student life, the use of the UNiDAYS website.

LUST HAVE IT | Women's Beauty Box March '16 - Unboxing + Initial Thoughts

LUST HAVE IT | Women's Beauty Box March '16 - Unboxing + Initial Thoughts - CassandraMyee

A new month means, of course, I have a new Lust Have It Women's Beauty Box* to unbox and share. The March box arrived early last week and inside are five products; four full sized and one deluxe sample size, with an interesting mix of different brands and products.

MY BEAUTY STORE HAUL | QVS, Carmex, Kiss, Via + Argania

MY BEAUTY STORE | QVS, Carmex, Kiss, Via + Argania - CassandraMyee

As you might know, I love online shopping and I am always looking for new sites to buy from, especially when it comes to beauty products. My Beauty Store is an NZ based online store that sells products from brands such as Carmex, QVS, Tender Love + Carry, Moyou, VIA, Kiss, and Argania. I had actually bought from their site years ago when they were stocking more beauty brands (I think I got some Orly nail polishes from them), but since then they have changed things up a bit.

POSTIE NZ HAUL | Essie + OPI Nail Polishes

POSTIE NZ HAUL | Essie + OPI Nail Polishes - CassandraMyee

If you have been a long time reader of CM, you'll know that I love a little visit to Postie+ for some cheap makeup bargains. Ever since I moved up to Auckland end of last year, I've noticed that there aren't as many around like there were in Christchurch (or they are just out of the way for me), which has definitely been a good thing for my bank balance. But a couple of weeks ago I needed to get my Postie fix and headed to the one out by the airport and came out with a nail polish loot.

EMPTIES | March '16

EMPTIES | March '16 - Product Reviews - The Body Shop, Clinique, Maybelline, Batiste, Garnier, Za, Goodness Products, Anastasia Beverly Hills - CassandraMyee
I'm always amazed at how many products I get through each month. I throw all my empty products in a bag beside my sink and this month it was almost starting to overflow! There's a lot of my usual products included, but also a few newbies that I really enjoyed using. 
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