When you're contacted asking if you would like to come in for a pampering facial - you definitely shouldn't turn that down! Last month, Michelle from Rosenthal contacted me asking if I'd like to come and experience her Radiance Facial*. At the time I thought it was going to be your normal facial with products and massaging etc but I was surprised by the technique she used - with no products involved! Read on to hear about my experience and whether I would recommend that you try it for yourself.


So a facial without any products - you're probably thinking how on earth does that work? Well Michelle uses a natural and holistic technique of concentrated facial massaging, focusing on pressure points around the face, jaw, neck, and head. Initially I was quite intrigued as to how this would feel and whether it would be relaxing and comfortable, let me tell you, it felt pretty darn amazing.

Her room is based on the first floor, 87 Jervois Road, Herne Bay, Auckland, upstairs from the children and gift shop, Annie Boyd. The room is small, but instantly felt relaxing and inviting, with candles burning and a beautiful aroma of essential oils. Michelle is a lovely woman and obviously extremely passionate about this practice and of her own hand made skincare range which I will talk more about below. Initially we sat on the two arm chairs and Michelle talked me through what to expect, and how the technique works. I then took off my shoes, and placed them in a warm foot bath that was scented with lavender essential oil - it was extremely relaxing and a lovely way to begin the experience.

Next I moved to the massage table, which was made up like a bed with a comfy duvet and sheets and everything. Michelle then begun the Radiance Facial. The basis behind it all is that through a specific facial massaging technique it helps to stimulate the facial muscles to produce collagen, relieve tension, and in turn help to make the complexion look brighter and radiant. Over the period of a few sessions, Michelle says that this technique can almost give you the result of having a face lift - without any needles! 

Initially I found it hard to turn off my mind and really relax - I hadn't had a facial in many years, nor a massage so I was unsure of how it would work and whether I would really enjoy it. Michelle began around my hair line with light sort of kneading motions using the tips of her fingers, focusing on one half of the face and then she moved to the other. After about five minutes I really began to feel relaxed, the bed was keeping me warm and it felt like a big hug. By focusing on my breathing, I went into a sort of zen mode. The massage didn't hurt at all, but it did take the few minutes to relax into it. I did end up dozing off for an unknown period of time before Michelle lightly woke me up after the 30 minutes was over. To finish off the experience I was given a short foot massage and for someone with incredibly ticklish feet this was a bit hard to keep control of them, but it felt lovely.

Michelle told me to take it slow while getting up, as I was in this deep state of relaxation - it took me a few minutes to really come back to reality. I sat down for a little longer to relish this extra bit of relaxation time I had; I honestly felt like I was floating on a cloud! Michelle also kindly gave me some of her skincare that she hand makes and bottles on demand, which I will talk about below. When I got home and inspected my face to see if something miraculous had happened; I definitely could see I was looking a bit healthier with more of a glow! Even my boyfriend commented that my skin looked really nice! It would be interesting to see how it would looked after having a few more sessions.



As well as doing the Radiance Facials, Michelle is passionate about natural skincare, blending and creating four products. Restore Cleanse can be used morning and night to cleanse the skin and it is also an effective way to remove makeup and impurities. It is aimed at those with normal, dry and mature skin, leaving the skin feeling so soft with added moisture to it. 

Renew Cleanse is aimed at those with oily/combination skin, and is perfect for any age. The scent isn't as strong as the Restore Cleanse but I find it does just as good a job. It has essential oils like Argan Oil, Rosehip, and Tea Tree, which I tend to use on my skin separately, but this product contains them all! 

Glow Facial Serum works like a normal serum and you only need a few drops to get the full impact. I like using an oil serum in the evening and then layering a night cream on top, but this works well on its own too. If you have dry skin, this would be a great one to use morning and night.

Rosenthal Man is designed for everyday men who aren't so into having a huge skincare routine. I'm still convincing my boyfriend to use this, but it is basically to help make the beard hair and skin feel a lot softer. It also helps to treat the skin after shaving. The roller ball dispenser on this make it easy to apply directly to the skin and beard hair.

The Radiance Facial is available in 30, 60 or 85 minute sessions and currently Michelle has an offer for 3 x 60 minute sessions for $285.00 - valued at $330.00 available til 31st May. Appointments are available only for Saturdays and they book up pretty quickly! The skincare is available to purchase from Michelle, or at Annie Boyd (downstairs from Rosenthal), or from the Etsy page here. Prices start at $24.00 for the travel oil (10ml) and up to $68.00 for the larger bottles of oils (50ml). Each of them are made to demand so to preserve the oils and ensure they are fresh when you receive them.

So would I recommend this experience? Definitely yes! It was just so relaxing and unlike any other experience I have had previously. It is one of those things that you really need to experience for yourself to understand how it felt but I hope my account helped in explaining it.

Have you ever had a facial massage before?

*Not sponsored. Products were gifted to me, along with the Radiance Facial, but all thoughts and opinions entirely my own. 

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