SOUFEEL | Charms + Bracelets - Review

SOUFEEL | Charms + Bracelets - Review - CassandraMyee

I'm not a huge jewellery wearer - what a way to start a post that is obviously all about it but bear with me for a second! Despite this, I do like collecting special items that have a lot of meaning to them and wear them on occasion. I also like the idea of handing down precious items; I have some lovely pieces from my Mum, that have been passed down through the generations that I treasure. Soufeel, based in the USA, reached out to me asking if I wanted to put together one of their charm bracelets, allowing me to pick my own charms and make my very own personalised photo charm, or Memorable Charm as they call them. I love this style of charm bracelet, so was keen to try out the website and see what the quality of their products was like.

SOUFEEL | Charms + Bracelets - Review - CassandraMyee

The website I find fairly easy to navigate around - they have a huge selection of charms as well as rings, earrings, necklaces etc. Their charm range is just a small selection of what they offer as a whole. My items arrived in about a week and a half from ordering, and I was given tracking details so I could track if needed. Each charm and bracelet was in an individual plastic pouch to prevent them from scratching in transit. You have to pay extra for the box and gift bag, but it makes for a great storage box and it feels just the bit more special.

SOUFEEL | Charms + Bracelets - Review - CassandraMyee

So on to the details of the charms and bracelet I chose! For my bracelet base, I went for the Sterling Silver Safety Chain Bracelet* (USD $43.95); they have a lot of options on designs and also in metals (gold and silver). I went for the 21cm size, which fits me perfectly with plenty of room to add more charms and it won't be tight. The safety chain is an essential as unlike the Pandora charms for example, these just slide on and not screw, so if the clasp was to open they would all fall off. The clasp is, however, very strong and sturdy from what I have tried so far.

For my Memorable Charm, I chose the Crystal Heart Charm (USD $19.95), which has whatever photo you like on one side underneath glass, with the opposite side filled with 31 Swarovski crystals. I went for a photo of my boyfriend and I as that is very fitting and definitely makes this a really special piece. For the other charms I chose things that I really love, I went for a Cat, a ball charm with Hugs and Kisses around it, a Vintage Camera (to represent the blog), a dangling Lipstick (would have been rude not too), and the letter 'C' and prices ranged from $15 to $25 for these charms. I was amazed at the choice of charms, and there would be something to suit everyone, with sports, hobbies, travel, food etc all available in tiny silver or gold charm form. All of them are made with 925 Sterling Silver and with your package you get a certificate of authenticity for the products.

I'm so pleased with the charms; they have such a good amount of detail to them for something so small and they've made a great base for a bracelet to build on. Soufeel ship worldwide, but shipping prices differ country to country. I would certainly order from them now having tried the site and the jewellery and am overall extremely impressed. If anything I encourage you to just browse there website and check out the gorgeous charm selection and if you would like to order you can use the code Review5 for 5% off.

Have you heard of Soufeel before? Do you have a charm bracelet?

*Gifted Products. Not sponsored and all views my own.

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