LIFE UPDATE | Where Have I Been?!

LIFE UPDATE | Where Have I Been?! - CassandraMyee

I don't quite know where to begin with this post... firstly, I guess I have to apologise. I have been completely MIA from my blog for a few weeks now. The odd post has gone live whenever I had a moment to even think about blogging, but lately, things have been hectic! So where on earth have I been and what's been the haps?

Initially, it all started a few weeks back when I got hit with a pretty awful chest and sinus infection. This knocked me off work for a week and took me out of the blogging game, I was even struggling to post an Instagram, let alone have the motivation to get a blog post written and out to the world. The light during that week of sickness was that my boyfriend and I found out that we got the flat that we had looked at the week before and had our heart set on. I should probably rewind for a second here and get you up to speed... 

My BF and I have been looking for a flat to move in together, just the two of us, like grown-ups, for a few months now. The rental market (and the overall property market) in Auckland is kind of bonkers. We would spend the weekend looking at places, along with at least 20 other hopefuls, only to find the flats just not what they looked like in the pictures, or just not what we were after. After searching and searching, I came across the place we moved into, and we knew it was going to be perfect for us at this stage in our lives. Thankfully we got in first, were a little pushy but it all paid off. I am now sitting in our cosy wee flat that we can call home and make our own. 

So after the sickness, and then finding out that we got a place, the following two weeks were spent packing, sorting and far too many trips to Kmart. We basically had to furnish the entire place, which has definitely put a dent in the bank accounts, but has also been so much fun. I now found myself getting very excited about the amazing discount we got on our pots and pan sets, or the bargain dinner set; I have become that person and I don't hate it! Two weeks ago, we moved into the new place and started unpacking and settling in. It is amazing the amount of things you need to consider when moving into your own place. Previously the two of us have lived at home, or in a group flat, where someone else has the responsibility of dealing with the power, the internet, water etc, but now it is all on us. It is exciting but also daunting, but having the space and freedom of our own flat is totally worth it. And thankfully everything has gone smoothly to date. Touch wood.

In all the craziness, as well as being busy at work, travelling to CHCH and just generally trying to reorganise my life, routine and schedule; blogging got put on the back burner. I didn't want that to happen at all as I adore my little blog, but sometimes you have to get your priorities in order. Now that we are pretty much settled in (and I can finally sit at my desk and not be surrounded by boxes), the blog is back in business and I will be resuming my usual schedule of 3 posts a week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There might be the odd time in the future that there will be fewer posts, but sometimes shit happens right? Of course, I will still be all over my social media; Instagram and Snapchat get updated daily, and Snapchat is a great way to see what I get up to during the days (follow me @cassandramyee). There are so many posts I wanna get up sharing some amazing beauty launches that have happened recently, so I will not at all be short on content. Thanks for sticking around if you have and there will be plenty more from me starting next week!

Let me know what things have been going on in your life, I would love to hear! 

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