BLAINE BOX | Monthly Period Subscription Box NZ

BLAINE BOX | Monthly Period Subscription Box NZ - CassandraMyee

I'm sure that most of you would be familiar with beauty subscription boxes, but have you seen a period one?! I had heard about them from overseas bloggers but never thought of there being an NZ offering until Blaine Box contacted me asking if I wanted to try out one of their monthly period subscription boxes*. I think it is such an amazing idea, I mean we have to buy tampons and pads each month, so why not have it arrive with a few extra goodies thrown in with them to make that time of the month a bit more bearable.

BLAINE BOX | Monthly Period Subscription Box NZ - CassandraMyee

Blaine Box is NZ owned and operated and have only just started sending out their boxes with their first one going out last month I believe. It arrived in a small little box, which has everything inside wrapped in tissue. The pads, tampons and liners came in this amazing marble print pouch (huge thumbs up from me) and contained a bunch of extras too. The boxes are customisable to suit your needs, you can either get a Pad Box (15 pads and 5 panty liners), Tampon Box (15 tampons and 5 panty liners), or the Mixed Box (10 tampons, 5 pads and 5 panty liners). The one I was sent was a Mixed one, which suits me perfectly. All of the products are from OI (Organic Initiative), which are 100% biodegradable using certified organic cotton, so you're also doing a little bit of good for the earth too.

BLAINE BOX | Monthly Period Subscription Box NZ - CassandraMyee

The little extras thrown in are what makes this so fun. In this one, there was a cute notebook and pen, a gorgeous card with metallic gold accents, two tea bags from Red Seal, and a Whittakers Sante Bar, because we all crave a little chocolate during that time of the month! 

BLAINE BOX | Monthly Period Subscription Box NZ - CassandraMyee

The monthly boxes get sent out on the 10th or 26th of each month (you can choose which option, at least 5 days before those dates). You can choose a one-off subscription if you want to try the boxes or go for a 3 month, 6 month or year subscription, which works out slightly cheaper. The boxes are $25 a month, and only available to NZers. You can use the code 0320 to get 20% off your first month, which will take it down to $20. This would be perfect for younger girls who are just starting their periods and are a bit anxious about the whole process, or if you're in your mid 20s like me and just want something to brighten your day!

Have you heard of a period subscription box before?

*Gifted Box.   

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