EMPTIES | August '16

EMPTIES | August '16 - CassandraMyee

As always the end of a month means it's time to talk empty products. These weren't all used up in a one month period but have been getting a lot of use over the past couple of months. I also did a bit of a thorough clean out of my makeup drawers, so have included a few of those items - a post about my clean up will be up soon, though! So into the empty product reviews.

EMPTIES | August '16 - CassandraMyee

Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation in 120
I've been through my fair share of these bottles since it was released last year - it's my go-to when I want a lighter base, providing medium coverage. This foundation lasts so well on my skin and I really like the finish it leaves and the coverage you can get from it. I've already got a brand new bottle of it and will likely keep repurchasing it!

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
My holy grail makeup application tool is this orange sponge. I go through these every couple of months and always make sure I have back-ups - thank god for the two pack that they now sell (LINK TO IHERB). It blends out liquid foundation so well, leaving a more flawless coverage when compared to brush which can often leave patches or streaks. I absolutely love it; it's affordable and does the trick!

Covergirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous Oil Free Foundation in 110
Another one of my favourite foundations of the moment is this one; I think I am now onto my third tube! This is pretty full coverage but it doesn't feel or look like it on the skin. It also lasts well too, so if you have oily skin I could not recommend it enough! 

Australis Extender Lash + Brow*
A must have in any makeup bag is a clear mascara/brow gel. Once your brows are filled in, a sweep through with one of these sets down the brow hairs and the colour so they will last throughout the day. If you have naturally full brows that don't need filling in, a clear gel will keep the hairs in place throughout the day. I like this one as it doesn't leave the hairs feeling too crisp or looking unnatural and as you can see it went from clear to brown, so I must have liked it!

Lash Control Clear Brow Mascara*
This was another good clear brow gel - it was marketed as a mascara but personally, I don't see the point in using clear mascara on your lashes. Like the Australis one it set down the hairs without looking crispy, but with this one, I have no idea where you can actually buy it from (it came in a subscription box from ages ago!)

Bourjois Push Up Volume Glamour Mascara*
Moving from brow mascaras to your normal black mascaras, I finally retired this one as I recently received a brand new one at a Bourjois event (hooray!) This mascara is seriously good, it's got a pretty large brush, with your traditional brush bristles that grab the lashes and lengthens and volumises in a couple sweeps. It gives really amazing volume and density to the lashes which is what I look for!

Maybelline The Colossal Go Extreme! Leather Black Mascara*
This is another mascara I have been using a whole bunch lately and it definitely was drying up so time for a replacement! The brush on this one bulged in the middle, which I found was good at getting good volume into the centre of the lashes, and the tapered tip made it easier to get the outer corners. This is a great everyday mascara which can be kept quite natural, or built up for more drama (which I always do!)

EMPTIES | August '16 - CassandraMyee

VO5 Give Me Moisture Shampoo + Conditioner*
I was sent these in a package over Valentine's Day earlier in the year (that honestly doesn't seem that long ago!) but have been using them over the past couple months as a duo. As shampoos and conditioners go they are certainly good; they keep the hair clean and it definitely made my hair feel quite soft and not as dry, particularly on the ends. I would likely purchase them again,

EMPTIES | August '16 - CassandraMyee

Witch Naturally Clear 25 Cleansing & Toning Wipes*
Witch Skincare is relatively new in the NZ market and I have been using the odd bits from it lately, including these wipes. If you have oily or combo skin, these are great as the witch hazel helps to control oil and prevent blemishes, or treat and heal active acne. The wipes did a pretty standard job of removing makeup, however, I didn't try them on my eyes as I use a separate remover for them (see below). I would probably buy them again, however, they weren't completely stand out.

Linden Leaves Eye Rescue Serum*
This eye serum from Linden Leaves has been basically empty in my cupboard for a while now, so it was time to throw it out. It has a roller ball for the applicator which is instantly cooling and great to use in the summer/in the morning/when hungover, but as an eye serum, it didn't have the moisture that I really needed. Perhaps if you don't require a lot of moisture under the eye this would be good but I find that I need some more hydration.

Garnier Miracle Wake-Up Cream*
This was the second tub of this day cream I have been through and I really enjoyed using it. It's a two in one product - it works as a moisturiser and a primer, smoothing out the skin and blurring it slightly, much like a silicon primer. I would definitely repurchase this again!

Garnier Ultra Lift Complete Beauty Night Cream*
It's not often that I am using the same brand for my day cream and night cream at the same time, but lately I have been using this one from Garnier. It is part of their Ultra Lift range, aimed at more mature skin types and has anti-aging properties in it. I didn't notice anything drastic but it left my skin feeling soft in the morning and didn't break me out, so that's a big tick for me! 

Maybelline Eye + Lip Remover [x2]
Naturally, there are a couple of my most favourite eye and lip makeup remover in here. You can't quite see them in the images above as they blend in without the blue product in there. The bi-phase solution that you shake up to use does such a good job removing mascara, even waterproof formulas. I just love this stuff and always have backups.

Clinique Repair Wear Laser Focus Eye Cream (Sample)*
This little pottle came in one of their amazing GWP bags and I have been using it a bit while travelling but liked it so much I integrated it into my everyday routine. Surprisingly it lasted a good few weeks as you only need a small amount It was definitely rich and very hydrating and I could see an overall improvement in the dryness under my eyes. I would consider buying this in a full size pot in the future.

What products did you finish during August?

*PR Samples.

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