BEAUTY SCHOOL DROPOUT | Single Eyeshadows - Review + Swatches

BEAUTY SCHOOL DROPOUT | Single Eyeshadows - Review + Swatches - CassandraMyee

Although I buy a lot of big branded makeup, I do like trying out smaller companies and brands i.e. 'indie' makeup. My friend, and amazing blogger Lani (see her blog here) buys and uses some amazing looking products from indie makeup brands that I need to try out. And this is where Beauty School Dropout (or BSD Cosmetics) comes into it - my first foray into indie makeup. They are an NZ owned brand, who manufacture the products in Australia that have only recently launched selling single pan shadows.

BEAUTY SCHOOL DROPOUT | Single Eyeshadows - Review + Swatches - CassandraMyee

The BSD eyeshadows come in a simple, metal pan format, with a plastic casing around them. The pans aren't magnetised, so also included with them is a magnet you can easily stick onto the bottom which also includes the shade name. The pans can then be placed in a Z Palette (see below) which can also be purchased on their website.
BEAUTY SCHOOL DROPOUT | Single Eyeshadows - Review + Swatches - CassandraMyeeBEAUTY SCHOOL DROPOUT | Single Eyeshadows - Review + Swatches - CassandraMyee

BEAUTY SCHOOL DROPOUT | Single Eyeshadows - Review + Swatches - CassandraMyee

There are 29 shades at the moment, making an already extensive colour range with various finishes. There is a good selection of neutral shades as well as more bold blues, oranges and purples. I picked out four shades, all on the safer neutral sides of things because that's what I reach for on a daily basis. Out of the four shades, there is a noticeable difference in pigmentation, which I will discuss with each shade.

TEA ANYONE?* | Shimmer finish, gold with a bit of depth to it. Out of the four, this one is my favourite and the most pigmented of the bunch. The shimmer isn't a harsh glitter so it works well swept over the lids and can also be used as a highlight.

GOLD DIGGER* | Shimmer. I was hoping this one would pack more in the pigmentation department, but it is more of a sheer shimmer with glitter throughout it. I don't think it's awful, though, in fact, it works well just patted onto the centre of the lid on top of other shadows.

HOT CHOC* | Matte, mid-toned cool brown. When I was sent these, the owner pointed out that this one was one of her favourites as it was on the sheer side but makes for a good crease colour, and I have to agree. In the swatch, it does look quite lacklustre, but when you blend it into the crease it works well to create some depth without leaving behind a whole lot of dark colour.

T & ME* | Shimmer rose pink. Much like Gold Digger, this is more on the sheer side, with a duo chrome gold/pink look to it. Again, if this was more pigmented I think I would love it, but it is a bit disappointing.

Due to the diverse quality in pigmentation, I can't comment on what the rest of the shadows would be like, but I'm sure there are some really amazing ones in the mix much like Tea Anyone?. Don't get me wrong, though, I will still use the sheerer shades, but I much prefer a bit more pigmentation to them. 

Each eyeshadow is only NZD $8.50, which in the scheme of things is a fantastic price, pros also include that they are NZ owned, are cruelty-free, have a great range of shades, with the freedom to pick choose and build your own palette of colours you love. For the month of October, they are donating 50c from each eyeshadow and $1 from each Z Palette sold and donating it to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation - how amazing!

Beauty School Dropout ship around NZ for a flat rate of $6.00, and also ship to Australia for $10.00. 

Have you seen this brand before? What do you make of the shades I chose?

*Gifted products.

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