THE BODY SHOP | Pinita Colada Range for Summer '16

THE BODY SHOP | Pinita Colada Range for Summer '16 - CassandraMyee

You know when it's almost Summer time when The Body Shop releases their summer range. This year it takes the form of the deliciously scent Piñita Colada* range, that smells so good you could almost drink it (although I'm sure it does not taste that great!)

THE BODY SHOP | Pinita Colada Range for Summer '16 - CassandraMyee

As with previous collections, this range is limited edition and only available for a few months, so best to pop into stores now and have a sniff (I can say that it smells amazing!). There are four products in the range and each one contains pineapple and coconut extract from the Caribbean. A Body Shop staple is their Body Butters* and you can get this scent in two sizes, the 200ml ($38.95) and the smaller 50ml ($17.50). They are so hydrating on the skin and the scent does linger a bit which I love.

The Exfoliating Cream Body Scrub* ($47.50) contains real shredded coconut to act as a natural exfoliant for the skin. I always have one of these scrubs on rotation in my shower; they are great to use every second or third day to deep clean the skin, and a great step before fake tanning to get rid of dead skin. 

If you find the Body Butter a bit too heavy for the skin, another option would be the Body Sorbet* ($27.50), a much lighter texture and formula but it still gives a good amount of hydration to the skin, as well as the delicious scent. They bought this formula out last year for summer, and I find it is such an interesting texture as it sort of does feel like icy sorbet. You can also keep these in the fridge and apply them to refresh the skin and it makes a cooling treatment if you get a bit sunburnt.

Finally, another classic is their Shower Gels* ($17.50) and this one I have been using loads. I just can't get over how good it smells and it helps to wake me up a bit more in the morning (or makes me hungry for a cocktail!) The Shower Gels are fab and do the job just as you would hope.

Although it might not feel like Spring/Summer right now with all the rain we are having in NZ, this scent will definitely transport you to warmer climates! If you are a Love Your Body Member they have an offer available that if you purchase over $65 and that includes one Piñita Colada product you get a free colouirng book, offer available until 30th October.

Have you had a sniff of this range yet? 

*PR Samples.

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