EMPTIES | October '16

EMPTIES | October '16 - CassandraMyee

Firstly, sorry that this post is 8 days later than it technically should have been - being away from home for 3 weeks and a crazy hectic work schedule outside of blogging meant sadly my blog hasn't been getting the love it deserves. Luckily I had some posts ready to go, and you all probably didn't notice at all! Anyway, I'm playing catch up now, so here are all my empty products that I finished throughout the month of October.

EMPTIES | October '16 - CassandraMyee


The Body Shop Drops of Youth Youth Cream*
I recently reviewed products from this range and also from the Drops of Light range (also a love of mine), which you can read more about the science behind it here. This lightweight cream can be used morning and night, and works for most skin types, although if you are on the drier side this might not be intensive enough. For me, I absolutely loved this and I feel my skin benefited greatly; it was moisturising but not too greasy feeling, and my skin always felt and looked better the morning after. I need to go out and buy another one of these pottles ASAP.

Manuka Doctor Age-Defying Eye Cream*
With Kourtney Kardashian as the spokesperson for Manuka Doctor, I see it everywhere now! I have been lucky enough to try a lot from their range; there are some great products (i.e. the Purifying Facial Peel Mask = amazing), and some that my skin just didn't agree with. This eye cream sits somewhere in the middle for me. It promises to brighten and firm the eye area utilising the power of 'Purified Bee Venom' (so if you are allergic, steer clear!), I find it wasn't as moisturising as I would like, but I did think it helps with the brightness. As for wrinkles, it is hard to tell, but as a preventative measure perhaps it worked. It's a difficult one to judge, but I have definitely used some better eye creams than this and it's one I probably wouldn't run out to buy.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion
This has technically been empty for ages but I didn't realise until I found it in the cupboard and thought 'I should just use the rest of this up'. Well, it only had 2 uses left in it! I loved this Night cream though for years, especially when I was much more acne prone than I am now and oilier. It certainly helped with scarring and healing them quicker than usual. Oily skinned girls should definitely try this range!

Paula's Choice Resist Intensive Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum*
This was a deluxe sample size I received in a Lust Have It a while back and only just got around to using it up. The serum is more on the oily side of things, and a little bit goes a long way to cover the face. I used this at night and found that my skin did react well to it and felt plumper, but as for the wrinkle repair aspect, I can't comment much on that. I feel like you would need to be using this regularly and consistently to see any results. I would like to try it more as I always hear good things about Paula's Choice as a whole.

Garnier Pure Active Daily Pore Scrub Wash*
I didn't actually use this up, my boyfriend did. But I did use it every now and then when I wanted to give my skin a good scrub. It's pretty intensive on the skin, so I would only use maybe 3-4 times a week, but if you have oily skin you could get away with it daily. I think the BF approved of it!

EMPTIES | October '16 - CassandraMyee


Vo5 Plump It Up Dry Shampoo*
Dry shampoo should be a staple for anyone; whether it's to refresh the hair before going out, or being a bit lazy and getting a few extra days from your hair before you need to wash it. This was a good one, but if you went a bit too heavy it did go a bit white. I find if you really work it in then this helps to get rid of that white cast. It helped also to add some volume which is what I used it for primarily.

Tresemme Heat Tamer Protective Spray
I have been through a few of these bottles as it is cheap and does the trick! It does keep the hair looking healthy and not so damaged and is an important step in your hair care, especially if you are heat styling it a lot.

Hask Essentials Express Blow Dry Hair Drying Spray
This stuff is so amazing, I want to buy it in bulk. I was originally sent one to try but have since been through about 3 bottles and counting. It helps to dry the hair quicker by breaking down the water molecules (...or something like that) and means that less heat needs to be applied to dry it. Plus it makes the whole hair styling process much quicker. I am already into my next bottle!

EMPTIES | October '16 - CassandraMyee


Designer Brands Instant Nail Polish Remover + Primer*
I really like the idea of these nail polish removers, you just twist it open and stick your finger in, swirl it around and it removes your polish. This one I probably wouldn't purchase (I was originally sent it in a Lust Have It), as I found although it removed the polish pretty easy (glitter is a different story though) it left a weird white residue that also dried out the nails and surround area way too much. I found it really stripping and my hands were screaming out for some hand cream and cuticle oil.

Maybelline Eye + Lip Remover x2
Of course, this is here. Do I really need to keep going on about this? Best eye makeup remover hands down; cheap, doesn't sting or irritate and removes the most stubborn products.

Burt's Bees Mango Moisturising Lip Balm*
Burt's Bees is a classic brand and these lip balms have been around since I can remember. I had this in my handbag and used it loads and really loved it. If you have severely dry lips this might not be as nourishing, but for the everyday slap on and go, these balms are great.

Daiso Eyebrow Pencil
I bought this on a whim as I wanted to try some different brow pencils and grew to really like this one. It is super cheap at $3.50, and was good colour tone, more on the cool side which is preferred when it comes to brows. It had a spoolie on one end which is always handy and the eyebrow pencil was quite firm but you could build it up. One thing I would have liked is more of a precise tip but I got used to it in the end. I would probably buy this again as it was so cheap!

What products have you recently finished?

*PR Samples.

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