REAL TECHNIQUES | Ultimate Base Set - Review

REAL TECHNIQUES | Ultimate Base Set - Review - CassandraMyee

I own a lot of makeup brushes, anyone would say I have far too many for one face and I would agree, but I just can't help buying and trying new ones. There is one brand I am always faithful too and that is Real Techniques developed by Youtube/beauty powerhouses Sam + Nic Chapman. I have a lot of their sets and single brushes, and recently bought some of their stunning and totally luxe Bold Metals (see them here). I was in the need of a new Miracle Complexion Sponge, and came across this; the Ultimate Base Set.

REAL TECHNIQUES | Ultimate Base Set - Review - CassandraMyee

REAL TECHNIQUES | Ultimate Base Set - Review - CassandraMyee

Just excuse my camera in this pic, it couldn't be helped! In this set you get two brushes, one is an exclusive, plus a sponge and a carry case that has a mirror in it. I think this is a fairly new set, and it has the more vibrant brush colours and new logo. As with all the RT brushes, these are super soft and great quality; they wash up well and hold their shape and don't shed any of their bristles.

The Miracle Complexion Sponge has been my favourite thing for applying foundation/concealer for well over a year now! It expands when you wet it, but make sure you ring out so it is just damp. It blends out foundation so well onto the skin leaving a more even finish. It is important to clean them every week or few uses; I use the Daiso Puff + Sponge Detergent, but Baby Shampoo does work it's just not as thorough. You can buy the sponge singly, in a two pack and now they have a quad pack; ideal for MUAs, or lovers of it like me. RT have also launched some new sponges in various shapes and sizes that I really need to buy once it comes back in stock on iHerb.

The Expert Face Brush is one I surprisingly didn't have in my collection before. It's much like the Buffing Brush (if you have tried that) but it is slightly smaller and more domed. It is really nice for blending foundation and concealer, and the smaller shape fits around the nose much easier. You can buy this one separately here.

The exclusive brush in this set is the Deluxe Concealer Brush, not available in any other set or to purchase individually. It's a small, dense rounded top brush that it ideal for blending concealer. I like to dab the brush over where I want to conceal and then lightly brush it over, just so I don't blend away the concealer on the actual spot! It is really nice for under the eyes as well and can also be used to put an eyeshadow primer on the lids in one easy sweep.

REAL TECHNIQUES | Ultimate Base Set - Review - CassandraMyee

Above is how the new look RT brushes compare to the older ones, in the middle is the Buffing Brush which I have had for a couple of years now. The colours are now much more vibrant and the logo looks slightly more modern.

I like to buy all my Real Techniques brushes from iHerb as they are super affordable (cheaper than Farmers here in NZ, that's for sure!) and have good shipping options. This set is currently NZD $25.36 here. I now have my eyes on the amazing looking Your Picks Berlin set, that has the most amazing design on the handles.

What Real Techniques brushes do you own?

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