CAROUSEL COSMETICS | Everyday Brush Set - Review

CAROUSEL COSMETICS | New Brush Set - CassandraMyee

Having good quality makeup brushes is quintessential for good makeup application. Everything is just going to go onto the face looking better when you have the right tools. Carousel Cosmetics is an NZ owned brand stocked on Beauty Bliss and they have recently expanded their range with this very handy Everyday Brush Set*. Inside the case has a selection of brushes you are likely to use on a regular basis that will easily do your whole face of makeup with 8 brushes.

CAROUSEL COSMETICS | New Brush Set - CassandraMyee

The brushes come inside this black quilted travel case which keeps them well protected and is so handy when you are wanting to travel with them. Having something like this means it keep the bristles from getting misshapen in your makeup bag, and keep the makeup that might be on them contained in the bag and not on everything else. 

CAROUSEL COSMETICS | New Brush Set - CassandraMyee

CAROUSEL COSMETICS | New Brush Set - CassandraMyee

The set comes with 8 brushes which are all made from soft synthetic bristles so they keep their shape and wash up brand new each time. It also means they can easily be used for both powder and cream products. I haven't had any bristles shed from these and the handles are made from a solid black plastic so unlike some with wooden handles, the paint will not chip off or wear down.

The set contains a domed fluffy brush (used for powder, bronzer, blush etc), a slanted top brush (good for contour, blush and if you pinch it at the base of the bristles you can create a fan brush for highlighter), a flat top kabuki-ish brush (good for blending foundation and concealer), a fluffy eye blender brush (as it says in the description, ideal for eyeshadow and blending), a flat eye brush (helps to pack colour onto the lids and good for placing shadows under the eyes or closer to the lash line), a small stiffer slanted brush (for applying brow powder, pomades or gel eyeliner), a small pencil detail brush (good for spot concealing and more detailed work on the eyes), and lastly a good old fashioned spoolie (an eyebrow essential!) 

Although I've suggested what you can (and what I use) each brush for, the beauty is that they are versatile and can be used for whatever makeup applying job you would like them too.

CAROUSEL COSMETICS | New Brush Set - CassandraMyee

These two brushes above didn't come in the set but are part of the single brushes they offer. The Dual Ended Brow Brush* (NZD $9.00) has a spoolie on one end and a slanted brush on the other. The Foundation Buffer* (NZD $14.00) is a lot denser than any others from the Brush Set and is great at buffing in cream or powder foundations to the skin. I also have the Contour Brush (NZD $14.00) which is a dense brush that is the perfect shape for contouring the cheekbones and jawline.

Check out the rest of the Carousel Cosmetics range on Beauty Bliss, as they also have some gorgeous false lashes available too. The Everyday Brush Set is available for $49.00, which works out at about $6.00 per brush, plus you get the travel case too.

Have you heard of Carousel Cosmetics before? What do you think of these brushes?

*Gifted Products.

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