MOST LOVED | January '17 - Neutrogena, Essence, Marc Jacobs + More

MOST LOVED | January '17 - Neutrogena, Essence, Marc Jacobs + More - CassandraMyee

It's that time again when I get to share with you all the products I have been loving from the previous month. January was all round a pretty good start to the year, I've got into a good rhythm of blogging after a few months of haphazard uploading, so long may it continue! When I went to pick out my most loved, there turned out to be a good amount of products from Neutrogena, Too Faced, Marc Jacobs, Colourpop, Mecca Cosmetica and Essence.

MOST LOVED | January '17 - Neutrogena, Essence, Marc Jacobs + More - CassandraMyee

Neutrogena Micellar Gel To Foam 2-in-1 Makeup Remover Deep Cleanser*
I've been using this over the past couple of months and actually meant to include it in my Most Loved for December. I am a big fan of the double cleanse situation, so I always take my makeup off well before going in with a cleanser. My weapons of choice are a micellar water, or balm or oil cleanser, and this new product from Neutrogena is a bit of both. It has a thick gel texture which you apply bear to the skin then rub it around and add a bit of water until it foams up slightly. I then remove with a flannel and my makeup just melts aways. They have two options, this one for normal to oil, and one designed for drier skins. It works really well and leaves the skin feeling pretty clean already before cleansing again. 

Mecca Cosmetics Ready Set Quick Dry Nail Mist
I purchased this at the new Mecca Maxima store in Christchurch back in November on a whim as it sounded pretty good. I've been using it a lot, well basically anytime I paint my nails which does end up being at least once a week. Once you've applied your polish, you wait 30 seconds and then give the nails a good mist with this. It helps to take away the tackiness of the polish and leaves them touch dry. It doesn't make them completely dry automatically but it certainly helps to prevent any smudging while you wait for them to dry.

Marc Jacobs Decadence*
I did a bit of work with Strawberry Net over on my Instagram and was kindly sent this perfume to use in some of the images. I'd had my eye on it for a while and as a huge fan of the Marc Jacobs fragrances already I knew I would love this one. First off the bottle is absolutely stunning, very chic, almost like a little handbag with the crocodile skin lid with a gold chain handle. The large bottles (this is the 30ml) have a very cool black tassel coming off the chain. On Sephora it is described as sensual warm floral, although I'm not great at describing scents (I mean, who is?), it smells amazing and a bit more mature perhaps than others from the range.

MOST LOVED | January '17 - Neutrogena, Essence, Marc Jacobs + More - CassandraMyee

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette*
I got my hands on this palette at the end of last year from a Sephora US order (see it here),  and ever since I have found myself reaching for it a whole lot. The shade selection is beautiful, you can see swatches and more details from my review post here. I am really impressed with the quality and also I love the packaging. I have just bought the Sweet Peach Palette from Mecca Maxima and I can't wait to play with that!

Essence The False Lashes Mascara*
This mascara has been the one I reach for most days since I first used it. I was blown away by how much length and volume it gave to my lashes without clumping them. The brush is quite small and tapers down in a conical shape so it is really easy to get the smaller lashes near the inner corner of the eye. Plus this is like NZD $6, which is an utter bargain and I will definitely have to repurchase it soon! 

Colourpop Lippie Stix in Baewatch
It wouldn't be a Most Loved without some Colourpop goodness included. We all know that I am a CP addict and just can't get enough of the brand. I recently got this shade which is in their Matte formula, described as a dusty rose. I definitely own similar shades to this, but I always reach for this sort of tone and I love the pigmentation and longevity of the Colourpop ones.

Essence Satin Touch Blush in Satin Coral*
My final most loved is a blush that I just can't get enough of. I have used it a lot and you can barely tell in the pan as you just need to swirl a brush in lightly to get ample peachiness on the cheeks. The Satin formula gives the skin a bit of life when compared to a matte finish, but it isn't too glittery or overpowering on. For summer this is a must have shade, and Essence is super affordable. See more about it in my big swatch and review post of their recent releases here.

What products did you love the most during January?

*PR Samples/Gifted Products.

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