EMILY JANE | New Handmade Makeup Bags

EMILY JANE | New Handmade Makeup Bags - CassandraMyee

This is a bit of a special post in support of my little sister who has just launched her own line of (gorgeous) makeup bags in two different prints. My sister's brand, Emily Jane, was first conceived whilst she was completing her fashion degree at Massey, Wellington and these makeup bags utilise the patterns and her own personally designed prints and fabric. They are pretty nice (but I am slightly biased here!)

EMILY JANE | New Handmade Makeup Bags - CassandraMyee

EMILY JANE | New Handmade Makeup Bags - CassandraMyee

Emily is a makeup lover like myself, and she has featured on her in a What's In My Travel Makeup Bag post a wee while ago (see it here). Like me (and many others) her main concern was when travelling with makeup you never know how it's going to fair. We don't know how rough they are with our bag at the airport (I can guess though, it's probably very rough!), so Emily kept that in mind and wanted to create makeup bags that had a bit of protective padding in them.

EMILY JANE | New Handmade Makeup Bags - CassandraMyee

These bags are pretty massive and when I took this away with me over the Easter weekend, I could fit in all of my makeup and brushes with some room to spare! Often times I have my makeup crammed in one bag and the brushes in another, but this keeps them all together and is big enough to fit some pretty large palettes inside (for reference that Z Palette is the 'large' size). 

The bags are all handmade, cut, designed etc all by Emily. The bags come in two different prints; the above is the Amethyst, and the other is a gorgeous blue/green Fluorite print. Emily uses a canvas type fabric made from linen and cotton fabric as the outer and a poly/cotton lining for the interior which can be hand washed if needed. The zip allows the bag to open up down the sides as well so you can fish around to find exactly what you need with ease. And not limited to makeup, these would make great toilet bags as well. 

You can purchase these limited run of bags from Etsy for NZD $30 each, at the moment she is just shipping within New Zealand but I am sure if you contact her she can arrange to have them shipped internationally.

For more information on the makeup bags and to see Emily's other work, visit her website here. Follow Emily Jane Fashion on Facebook and Instagram as well to keep up to date with all of her new goodies that I am sure will be coming soon (word on the street is that a brush roll might be the next launch, but shhhh....)

*Gifted bag and not sponsored, because a) I am her sister, and b) I am a proud sister and want to share them with you all!

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