L'OREAL PARIS | Pure Clay Masks - Review

Friday, 21 April 2017

L'OREAL PARIS | Pure Clay Masks - Review - CassandraMyee

Meet your new favourite mask! The new L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay Masks* have got the beauty world rushing out to buy these as they are seriously awesome, budget-friendly and work incredibly well. I can't get enough of them, particularly the Charcoal one which has now taken number one spot as my favourite face mask.

L'OREAL PARIS | Pure Clay Masks - Review - CassandraMyee

L'OREAL PARIS | Pure Clay Masks - Review - CassandraMyee

The new masks come packaged in a sleek glass jar with a twist off lid, and it's easy to identify which mask is which. Each mask is designed to either be used on its own or teamed with the others as part of the 'multimasking' trend allowing you to target certain areas on the face. I definitely have drier skin around the outer area of my face, but I am oily in the t-zone so being able to mix and match, not only looks hilarious when you have different shades of mask over your face but works a lot more effectively too.

L'OREAL PARIS | Pure Clay Masks - Review - CassandraMyee

L'OREAL PARIS | Pure Clay Masks - Review - CassandraMyee

So what does each mask target? The light green mask is boosted with eucalyptus to help purify the skin and mattify the skin. If you are oily - this one is for you.It feels very cooling, but once it has done its 10-15 minutes on the skin you aren't left feeling completely sucked of moisture.

The red mask has red algae as its the main ingredient. This one has tiny exfoliating particles in it so it doubles as a deep cleaning exfoliant and a mask in one. This one is ideal to help rid the skin of dead skin cells, making it appear smoother and clearer. I really like using this one every week or two to give a deep cleanse, but may not be advisable to use if you have quite dry or very sensitive skin.

The final mask and my favourite of the bunch is the charcoal mask for brightening and detoxifying the skin, helping to pull out any gunk in the pores of the skin. I find this works best around the t-zone area, particularly on the nose and the cheeks where my pores are particularly pronounced. It works much like I would imagine the Glam Glow Mud Mask works (and many have drawn similarities between them), when it starts to dry down you can see all the little dots where the oil/impurities have been drawn out of the skin. It’s sort of gross but immensely satisfying, and after removing your face is left looking so much brighter and clearer. 

These masks retail for NZD $24.99 each which I think is a very affordable price for such effective face masks. Whilst I think all of them work well in conjunction with one another if you are to just buy one I would say to go for the Pure Clay Charcoal Mask!

Have you used these masks yet? What one would you go for?

*PR Samples.

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