ELIZABETH ARDEN | White Tea Eau de Toilette Fragrance

ELIZABETH ARDEN | White Tea Fragrance - CassandraMyee

In March I was treated to a beautiful event held by Elizabeth Arden at True Food + Yoga to learn all about their brand new fragrance - White Tea*. With everyone dressed in 'white tea white', we were treated to green juices, a healthy (and delicious) breakfast overlooking the harbour, and some kombucha and heard all about the White Tea fragrance and how they went about creating it.

ELIZABETH ARDEN | White Tea Fragrance - CassandraMyee

ELIZABETH ARDEN | White Tea Fragrance - CassandraMyee

The main tagline of this perfume is 'Find Your Moment', this was all derived from the idea of the tea ceremony and the rituals that you might make in your day that keeps you feeling uplifted, refreshed, or just allowing yourself to have some 'me' time. Whilst I am not a tea drinker, there are certain things I do daily in a ritualistic way that really calms me down, such as putting my makeup on, and at the end of the day taking it off and doing my skincare routine. I like the whole premise around the scent and the bottle design and fragrance inside all reflect this sort of mood.

ELIZABETH ARDEN | White Tea Fragrance - CassandraMyee

ELIZABETH ARDEN | White Tea Fragrance - CassandraMyee

The bottle is absolutely stunning and so minimal, with a tall rectangle design with a white lid, gold spray, and the white which fades down as an ombre on the bottle. This was my first foray into Elizabeth Arden fragrances and I know that ones such as Red Door are absolute cult favourites and I think this one is going to be one of those scents also. The body of the scent is musky, floral and woody, but it has this freshness to it. At first, I didn't think I was really going to like it as much, but since using it a bunch of times I definitely began to really enjoy the scent. Also in the range are is a body cream, hand cream, and essential oils made from the main notes of the scent which are used in their massages available at their Boutique stores. We were treated to hand massages at the event and although I was left a little greasy, the massage was so relaxing and the scent really lingered on the skin for a long time following. 

The notes are (taken from the Elizabeth Arden website):

TOP NOTES | An infusion of sparkling Italian Mandarin, calming Clary Sage Essence, sensual Sea Breeze Accord and fresh Japanese White Fern defines the fragrant first impressions.

MIDDLE NOTES | In its delightful heart, Zen-like White Tea Extract and herbal Mate Absolute Paraguay meet graceful White Iris Accord, sweet and spicy Turkish Rose Absolute and the warm, nutty Sapucaya Atmospheric that begin to entwine into the base notes.

BASE NOTES | A blend of woody, musky, velvety and luxurious Madras Wood, Ambrette Seed Absolute, Tonka Bean Venezuela Absolute, Ambermax® and a Trio of Tranquility Musk lingers closely to the skin for a highly personal, sensual softness.

It is available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml and ranges from NZD $50 - $101, the White Tea Pure Indulgence Body Cream is NZD $50 for a large 400ml tub, and the Hand Cream* is NZD $19 for 30ml. They are available at Farmers, pharmacies and Elizabeth Arden Boutiques.

What do you think of the perfume? Have you smelled it yet?

*PR Samples.


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