JEFFREE STAR | Limited Edition Chrome Collection

JEFFREE STAR | Limited Edition Chrome Collection - CassandraMyee

I am sure if you are in the beauty loving world, you would have heard of Jeffree Star. Built from MySpace fame, he is controversial, outrageous, and love stirring the pot. While I really don't agree with some of the shady things he has done, I can't deny that his brand he developed (obviously with a big team) Jeffree Star Cosmetics, has brought out some pretty damn good makeup. 

EMPTIES | July '17 - Mecca Cosmetica, Kiehl's, Colourpop, The Body Shop + Heaps More!

EMPTIES | July '17 - CassandraMyee

I am pretty sure I called it in my Empties for June, that July's was going to be a lot larger... and well, I wasn't wrong! I managed to get finish up quite a few different products, and also at the end I show the casualties of my huge makeup declutter I did.

MOST LOVED | July '17

MOST LOVED | July '17 - CassandraMyee

As we move closer and closer to the end of July (yes, end of blimin' July!) it is the perfect time to share the products that I have been really enjoying this past month with a mix of makeup, skincare and a gorgeous nail polish in the mix as well.



It is hard to believe that my blog is 4 years old today and this will be my 892nd blog post (WTF!) My little blog baby is growing up, and wow the time has gone quickly. When I started this I had no idea what it would become, obviously I had big dreams and ideas of what the Cassandra Myee space would be but it has definitely morphed and evolved as my love for beauty has also grown. It's hard to imagine life without my blog, I will admit there are moments (they are few and far between though) when I think can I really keep on doing this, especially with a full time job and other life commitments but then I think just how far this space has come and how much love I have for CM. It makes me immensely proud, and so to celebrate I have got a big old giveaway to share with one of my readers!

Get Red Carpet/Ball Ready with ghd

Get Red Carpet/Ball Ready with ghd - CassandraMyee

With ball/formal season underway in New Zealand, it can always be a stressful time for us ladies trying to decide what to wear, how do we want our hair, do we go for a dark lip or nude... and it goes on! I remember my school formals and dances were always such fun nights and while a few had their hair and makeup professionally done, I always went for the DIY approach. Getting ready with your best friends at home always makes the experience that much better. Although you can go all out, I think sometimes it's good to save a few dollars and put that towards an amazing dress, or some new shoes. ghd offers the perfect hair tools to make getting ready at home, that little bit easier.

ESSIE | Winter Collection - Review + Swatches

ESSIE | Winter Collection - Review + Swatches - CassandraMyee

A quick search of 'essie' on my blog and you will get dozens on dozens of posts featuring my favourite nail polish brand. Each season they bring out a range of six new shades, and the latest Winter Collection* has got some beautiful new colours in it. 



New Zealand is well into the thick of winter now, we've got snow warnings in the South Island and typical Aucklander's are complaining about the 'cold' (I am one of these people so don't take offense to that!) It is definitely a stark difference to the heat wave happening in the Northern Hemisphere right now. I find in the cooler months it is easy to get stuck in a beauty rut, but it doesn't have to be all warm neutral shades and dusty rose, or berry lipsticks. It's time to inject some colour, life and brightness into your beauty routine, which might just make the chillier months go a little quicker.

ESSENCE COSMETICS | New Launches - My Must Have Shadows, Concealer Palette + More

ESSENCE COSMETICS | New Launches - My Must Have Shadows, Concealer Palette + More - CassandraMyee

By now I think you will be aware that I love a lot of products from Essence Cosmetics. They are one of the most affordable brands you can get (in NZ at least) and is now readily available at many Farmers across the country. They always come out with super fun 'trend' collections each season, and these products I'll be talking about today are some new additions to their range.

EMPTIES | June '17 - Maybelline, Hask, Olay, Garnier + More

EMPTIES | June '17 - Maybelline, Hask, Olay, Garnier + More - CassandraMyee

I've had months and months of huge empties post, but finally, the June roundup is a little less crazy. I am sure that my July Empties will be a biggish one (I did a massive clear out of old makeup and beauty bits). This bunch of products have pretty much been my go-to's for a while and I really like them all, but let me elaborate further.

BRONX COLORS | Burlesque + Angel Dust Eyeshadow Palettes - Review + Swatches

BRONX COLORS | Burlesque + Angel Dust Eyeshadow Palettes - Review + Swatches - CassandraMyeea

If you are a blogger, I am sure you are well aware of posts getting lost in your drafts. Well, that is exactly what happened with this one! I had the photos already for YONKS now but just haven't gotten around to putting words to screen about these two affordable palettes from Bronx Colors. Never heard of Bronx Colors before? Let this post be your introduction but in brief, the products are made in Europe, Germany to be exact, with head offices in Switzerland but they draw their inspiration from New York City.

MOST LOVED | June '17 - Kevyn Aucoin, Jordana, Essence + xoBeauty

MOST LOVED | June '17 - Kevyn Aucoin, Jordana, Essence + XOBeauty - CassandraMyee

June literally passed by in a flash, at the time it seemed to drag on but now looking back I can't help but think where did the month go? The majority of my June was spent down in Christchurch for my job. CHCH is my hometown so it was nice to be down there for a while and check out what's new in the ever-changing city and catch up with old friends and family, however, I was really missing my Auckland home and my partner. It's great to finally be back and get back into my blog properly as I felt like it suffered a bit while I was away and I was lacking a lot of motivation to write. As I was away for so long I also only had a small makeup bag of products, not my usual selection that I have at home, hence why I only have a very small selection of favourites for the past month. So mini June/life update aside, let's kick into the beauty...
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