EMPTIES | June '17 - Maybelline, Hask, Olay, Garnier + More

EMPTIES | June '17 - Maybelline, Hask, Olay, Garnier + More - CassandraMyee

I've had months and months of huge empties post, but finally, the June roundup is a little less crazy. I am sure that my July Empties will be a biggish one (I did a massive clear out of old makeup and beauty bits). This bunch of products have pretty much been my go-to's for a while and I really like them all, but let me elaborate further.

EMPTIES | June '17 - Maybelline, Hask, Olay, Garnier + More - CassandraMyee

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Fixing Mist
There are quite a few people who don't get along with this, but for my oily/combo skin, I need this to keep things locked in place throughout the day. I think the main problem people seem to have with it is that they find they are left with small spots of white powder all over their face after they have sprayed it - this has happened to me once, but the trick is to really give it a good shake as the powder settles at the bottom of the liquid and to combine them you have gotta be pretty rigorous with it. I make sure to hold it at arm's length and just spritz away. The spray/powder inside doesn't leave your face looking caked in powder, instead, it just keeps everything oil free for a lot longer throughout the day. I have already got a new bottle of this on the go!

Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder
This powder is the absolute business, regardless of if you like high-end products, this should be in your makeup collection and it will be the best $5 (or around that) you have spent. It's a translucent powder but it is very fine (I do find you get a lot of kickback of powder in the pan, but it's not a big deal). It feels soft and silky on the skin and mattifies instantly. It's great for touch-ups and just all round powdering. I am already into my next pan.

Weleda Cuticle Softener Pen*
Weleda, if you are unfamiliar, is an all natural brand, using organic high-quality ingredients for lots of skincare products. Through my blog I have been able to try a few things from them, this Cuticle Softener being one of them. I love doing my nails at home and always make sure I have a cuticle cream, oil etc on hand. This pen made it so easy to push back the cuticle area and soften them as well as helping to remove them. It uses pomegranate seed oil and almond oil which is super nourishing for any part of the body. The pen had the removal slanted tip which made it really easy to work around the nail area, much like a cuticle stick would. There were 3 other replacement heads in the top of the lid as well. I am sad to be all out of this as it worked really well!

Hask Essentials Express Blow Dry Spray
As you may know, if you read my Empties regularly - I love this drying spray. It helps make the tedious process of hair drying just that bit quicker as it helps to evaporate water in the hair a lot quicker. It also helps to soften and de-frizz and I use it daily (I am a chronic hair washer). It's such a good product and if you have long or thick hair or just want to speed up the drying process, give this one a go!

EMPTIES | June '17 - Maybelline, Hask, Olay, Garnier + More - CassandraMyee

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water All-In-One
Another one of my beauty essentials is a micellar water, and I really love the Garnier one as I think it does a good a job as any other micellar waters on the market. You get this huge bottle which lasts ages and it removes makeup with ease, leaves no residue and doesn't dry out the skin, or make it any oilier. It's just a wonder product and a must have if you wear makeup.

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream Moisturiser + Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence Serum*
A couple months ago I went to a gorgeous event for P&G where they did a presentation of their many brands that fall under their umbrella and talked about the new products and innovations from them. I was given these products to try out and I absolutely loved them, my skin really loved them too. The Moisturiser I use during the day (they do have a heavier night cream which I am going to start using soon), it has a lovely light texture and it sinks into the skin quickly leaving it feeling really soft. 

Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence Serum*
The Youth Pre-Essence was so nice to use and my skin just reacted so well to it. Firstly, the packaging is super smart, as you twist the lid, it gets the perfect amount of product into the dropper and then you just push down the top to dispense it out. I only used this at night and would use two droppers full of product. In the morning my skin always looked just that much better, more plump, soft and even with a bit of a glow. I am so sad this is finished up now, but I will definitely be buying it soon! Although you can spend a lot of money on skincare, I think these 'supermarket' brands do some amazing products and they shouldn't be overlooked at all. 

Maybelline Eye + Lip Remover
Wouldn't be an Empties without a bottle or two of these right? I am sure you must be sick of me saying it, but for any new readers, hi, and this stuff is amazing! Doesn't sting, or irritate, removes stubborn eye makeup and liquid lips with ease. I always have a bottle of this on the go.

What products have you finished recently?

*PR Samples.

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