CHEAP EBAY FINDS | Stainless Steel Mixing Palette

CHEAP EBAY FINDS | Stainless Steel Mixing Palette - CassandraMyee

It has been YONKS since I did a 'Cheap eBay Finds' post. They used to be a regular occurrence on here a couple of years back but lately, I just haven't been buying that much via eBay, until I decided to go on the hunt for a makeup mixing palette. Of course, eBay totally delivered and I found one that is great quality and it was stupidly cheap too!

CHEAP EBAY FINDS | Stainless Steel Mixing Palette - CassandraMyee

Because I am quite pale in the winter I always end up needing to using some sort of lightening drops to make my foundation match my skin tone, so every morning I end up using the back of my hand as my mixing palette. This does do the job, but I find that when mixing the foundation starts to get into the skin on my hand and I am left with a bit less to use and it's also a pain to clean off, so in comes this bargain from good ol' eBay!

CHEAP EBAY FINDS | Stainless Steel Mixing Palette - CassandraMyee

A quick search of 'mixing palette' or 'stainless steel makeup mixing palette' gave me a plethora of options. I always narrow it down by filtering it to 'Buy Now + Cheapest Shipping'. For a very affordable USD $3.59 + free shipping (NZ $4.92) I am now the proud owner of a mixing palette that also came with a double-ended metal spatula. I find this so handy to have - it's easy to mixing foundation shades, work with pigments and glitters and also you can use it for nail polish if you want to dabble in some nail art. Makeup artists and just general everyday makeup wearers would definitely find this such a good thing to have - it's good enough quality and super easy to clean up after use.

As with eBay and shipping to NZ, this did take about 3 weeks to arrive, but I wasn't too fussed with waiting and they always give you an estimated time as to when it should arrive.

Do you use anything like this? Or are you a back of the hand type person?

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