You must have noticed by now (especially if you are reading this on my blog), but if you haven't - I've had a redesign! I started my blog 4 years ago and it has been through plenty of changes; my last theme I had was really great and functioned well but I'd had it for a while so it was about time for a change.

A refresh was exactly what I needed. I wasn't getting bored of my blog, but I certainly needed something to get me back into it, and reinvigorate myself and my motivation. Yesterday I was scrolling through Etsy looking at Blogger templates, and here we are today with a brand new design installed. There were some features I definitely wanted, such as drop downs on the menu and a design to really showcase the images which is one of my favourite aspects of blogging. I found this design from Fearne Creative Designs and instantly knew it was the one for me. The install process was pretty straight forward and included with the xml was a simple, and easy to follow instruction guide to make the most of all the features. I am so happy with how it is looking now and it has got me super excited to post so much more content on here.

The dropdown menu is one of my favourite features of this design; it's now easy to find posts under certain categories, instead of just having to search. I've also updated my 'Press' page, that makes me immensely proud to scroll through.

I am sure some things will be tweaked and change as I begin to live with this new design but for now, I hope you all like it and find it easy to navigate. Have a look around and please let me know if you encounter any issues or have any feedback. But for now, enjoy, and keep your eyes out for some new posts coming your way!


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