DERMALOGICA | New PreCleanse Balm - Review

DERMALOGICA | New Pre Cleanse Balm - Review - CassandraMyee

I think we can call 2017 the year of Dermalogica. Well, for me at least! This year I have been lucky enough to try out a lot of their new releases, and they have just been nailing it over and over. Their latest new release and final one of the year is epic. Meet the new Precleanse Balm*, the sister to the Precleanse Oil and my new favourite way to remove my makeup.

DERMALOGICA | New Pre Cleanse Balm - Review - CassandraMyee

I was lucky enough to attend the launch event for this product where they did a demonstration on a model who was covered in layers upon layers of makeup, we are talking heavy foundation, heavy eye makeup with lots of liner and mascara. It was artistically done to demonstrate the dirt and grime that we might encounter day to day, from the makeup we wear, to oils that our skin produces, and of course, pollution. The Dermalogica Skin Experts used this product on her skin to show just how it works and how easy and gently it removed everything. When we arrived they drew a little symbol on our hand with waterproof liquid liner and after the demonstration, they used this product to remove it, so we could get a feel for it and see it in action. My initial reactions were so positive and I couldn't wait to get it on my face.

DERMALOGICA | New Pre Cleanse Balm - Review - CassandraMyee

DERMALOGICA | New Pre Cleanse Balm - Review - CassandraMyee

The Precleanse Balm comes in an easily squeezable tube, and also comes with the cleansing mitt. This mitt feels unbelievable on the skin. It has two sides, one very fine and the other side is a bit harder to give more of an exfoliation. The mitt can be used daily and just allows the Balm to be worked into the skin deeper to remove build up. The Balm comes out very thick to begin with but as soon as it hits the skin it starts to melt and turn into more of an oil. I usually dispense a pea-sized amount onto the mitt and then work in circular motions around the face. It is also gentle enough to be used on the eyes, and you can use the finer side of the mitt on the eyes too. Once it has been massaged onto the skin, you use some water to emulsify it and then remove with a cloth. I find at the end of the day my makeup comes off so easily with this and it makes my skin feel soft and not at all dry.

This is becoming an absolute staple for me, and definitely one to try if you are an everyday makeup wearer like myself or just like to give your skin a really deep cleanse. This is available now for NZD $75 for the 90ml tube and also $25 for a 15ml tube if you want to try it out here.

What do you think of this new product from Dermalogica?

*PR Sample.

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