MOST LOVED | August '17 - Dermalogica, Clinique, MECCA MAX + Mario Badescu

MOST LOVED | August '17 - Dermalogica, Clinique, MECCA MAX + Mario Badescu - CassandraMyee

Although we are a week into September (how wild!), let's take a look back at some products I have been enjoying over the past month. Surprisingly there are more skin care products than makeup, and I have been finding lately I just end up reaching for the same makeup products but I have been experimenting a lot more with my skincare routine.

MOST LOVED | August '17 - Dermalogica, Clinique, MECCA MAX + Mario Badescu - CassandraMyee

MOST LOVED | August '17 - Dermalogica, Clinique, MECCA MAX + Mario Badescu - CassandraMyee

Dermalogia Daily Microfoliant*
I had heard a lot of positive comments about this product from Dermalogica and now I totally understand why. This is a powder exfoliant that is gentle enough to be used daily to give your skin an amazing deep clean, without damaging or over exfoliating it. It comes as a powder that you sift out onto your fingers and work it into a paste with some water and then use it on the skin. It says to use your traditional cleanser and then go in with this after. It makes the skin feel so soft after and makes such a difference. If you find you get a lot of blackheads/clogged pores, I would seriously recommend this!

Deramlogica Hydrablur Primer*
I have really been on a Dermalogica buzz lately and finding their range to be so impressive. This works as a primer to help blur out imperfections and it creates a smoother canvas for your makeup to sit on. It comes out white with specks through it which creates a really light coverage of colour on the skin. It can be used alone to just even out the skin tone slightly whilst still looking natural, but I find it works well under foundation and does a good job at minimising the appearance of my rather larger pores on my cheeks. The colour adapts to your skin tone so no need to fuss with different shades.

MOST LOVED | August '17 - Dermalogica, Clinique, MECCA MAX + Mario Badescu - CassandraMyee

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion
I might be the last person to hop on this bandwagon, but I have finally got my hands on this acne miracle worker from Mario Badescu. This works to dry out and suck out the gunk of most pimples, helping to heal them quickly, reduce the size overnight, and also reduce the risk of it scarring. Although it looks like you could shake this up, you actually need to leave this settled into the two parts, the light pink powdery stuff at the bottom and the clear solution that fills the rest of the bottle. You dip a cotton bud/Q-tip straight in down to the pink part and pull it out through the clear liquid then proceed to dot it on any breakouts, big or small. This works best on whiteheads to draw out the gunk inside, but I have found it works on other pimples too. You leave this on overnight to dry up and in the morning it will wash away when you cleanse your face. It works really well and if you are acne prone or just get the odd hormonal breakout, it is well worth having a bottle of this on hand. You can now find it at Mecca Maxima in NZ, and it's a steal at only NZD $26.00.

MECCA MAX Skin Halo Diamond Dust in White Gold
Just the other day I posted on her about the fabulous new range from Mecca Maxima (read it here). I find some highlighters can look pretty intense on the skin, which is totally fine if that's what you want to go for (I love a good gleaming one at night), but for everyday wear on me personally, they can look a bit harsh and emphasise the texture on my cheeks. The new Skin Halo's are what I would call an everyday highlighter. They're subtle enough to not look overly glittery but give the skin a more natural radiance. I have been reaching for this loads since I bought it!

Clinique Pep-Start Hydroblur Moisturiser*
It would seem I am very much into my 'blurring' skin care products right now because I have been using this moisturiser from Clinique daily since I got it. I did a short quiz to determine what moisturiser from the Clinique range would suit me best and this was the winner, aimed at those with combination/oily skin. It does a great job, it keeps me hydrated but doesn't make me too oily throughout the day. You will no doubt see this in my Empties for September as I am so close to finishing it up!

What products have you been loving?

*PR Samples.

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