RIMMEL LONDON | Brow This Way Range

RIMMEL LONDON | Brow This Way Range - CassandraMyee

I am all about the brows, and if someone asked one of my top makeup products to have it would definitely be something to fill in the brows. Naturally, mine are quite light and thin and not very full at all so when I discovered the magic a brow pencil could do, I didn't look back. To be honest, I feel quite naked without something through the brows, so I always have a few different products on the go. Lately, I have been trying out the new Brow The Way* range from Rimmel which has some intriguing products and something that will work for most people.

RIMMEL LONDON | Brow This Way Range - CassandraMyee

RIMMEL LONDON | Brow This Way Range - CassandraMyee

The Brow This Way range consists of 5 products, of which I have 4 here. The one product missing is the Brow This Way Kit that has a powder and a wax in it and comes in 4 shades. The other four products here all provide quite a different look to the brows, from more natural to something more bold and sculpted.

One of the most intriguing products from this release is the Brow Shake Filling Powder*, available in 4 shades. This is a product you can actually shake up and has an interesting applicator which holds the powder to it. This is for those who like it bold and defined. The tip on this I find could be slightly smaller, but if you have quite a good shape already, this would work well to just beef the brows up and add more colour and definition to them. The formula is very soft and pigmented to apply. You can brush it through the brows quite well which helps to soften it a bit. One thing I did find when using this was the little bits of powder would fall onto my face, so best to wipe off any excess to avoid this problem. 

The Brow This Way Fibre Pencil* is definitely more my style. I have always been a pencil sort of person as I find it allows for more precision and you can make the brows look quite natural or get this looking super sharp and crisp. The pencil is on the firmer side which is good so you can work with it without overdoing it. The pencil has nylon fibres in the formula so it aids in making it seem like the brows are fuller than they might be. I do like this pencil and this shade is a good match for me out of the 3 available.

For more definition and highlighting of the brows the Brow This Way Sculpt & Highlight Pencil* is the finishing touch. It's a pink toned, creamy pencil which is used under the brows along the brow bone and then blended out to sharpen them up and add a bit of lift. There is also a more light flesh toned one. 

I always use a brow gel, clear or tinted, it helps sets the hairs in place and allows you to create a bit more body to the brows. The Brow This Way Gel With Argan Oil* comes in 4 shades (one of which is clear - always handy to have). This can be used on its own if you have naturally full brows, or after using the Shaker or Pencil. The tint is quite pigmented and definitely adds more colour to the brows. The brush is quite large, which means you have to be cautious of where you place it so it doesn't get on the skin. I wish it was a little smaller because the formula works really well and doesn't leave the brows looking or feeling super hard and crispy!

As you can tell Rimmel have a brow product for most people, whether you are blessed with naturally full brows, or have sparse brows like myself. My pick is the Fibre Pencil and the Gel - together they make a great combination. This range is available now from all Rimmel stands.

What sort of products do you like to use in your brows? Are yours sparse or full?

*PR Samples.

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