BELLABOX NZ | January '18 Unboxing + First Impressions

BELLABOX NZ | January '18 Unboxing - CassandraMyee

If you read my blog religiously (hello, and thank you) you will see that each month I am sharing the content of the latest BellaBox for that month. BellaBox has been around in Australia for a while, and they've just launched into NZ at the end of last year and the boxes just keep getting better and better. The gist of this service is that you pay a one-off fee each month and a little blue box arrives at your home filled with at least 5 different products that can vary from sample size to full size. I have always been a lover of this sort of subscription service and find it so exciting to receive each month. So without further ado, this is what was inside the January Box*.

BELLABOX NZ | January '18 Unboxing - CassandraMyee

BELLABOX NZ | January '18 Unboxing - CassandraMyee

The January box contained three full-sized products and three sample sized products or sachets. All of the brands included are ones that I am familiar with, with the main product of the month being your choice of shade from the Karen Murrell Lipstick range. 

BELLABOX NZ | January '18 Unboxing - CassandraMyee

Karen Murrell Lipstick in Violet Mousse | RRP $30.00
I have quite a few of the Karen Murrell lipsticks in my collection and they've featured on my blog a fair few times (see the posts here). These are all made in NZ, are cruelty-free and made from all natural ingredients, even the packaging is biodegradable! Every BB member got to chose their preferred shade from either; Cordovan Natural, Violet Mousse, Coral Dawn, Sandstorm, Rymba Rhythm or Poppy Passion. I went for the shade I didn't already own, Violet Mousse, it is a gorgeous natural pink. These lipsticks are so creamy and very moisturising.

BELLABOX NZ | January '18 Unboxing - CassandraMyee

BELLABOX NZ | January '18 Unboxing - CassandraMyee

BLAQ Meteor Shower Scrub | RRP $24.95 for 200g (full size)
The next product is from BLAQ, a brand that became popular from their intense black peel off masks that went viral. Scrubs like this have definitely been having a moment, and this one is a bit more of a  unique take. The main ingredient that makes it black is the activated charcoal and this even has meteorite powder inside it! I really like the look of this and the ingredients list is filled with familiar products too. 

Essenzza Fuss Free Natural Silk Face Sheet Mask | RRP $4.95 for 30g
In the past I have not got on with sheet maks, my face is the wrong shape for them and they always seem to slip and slide around. But I am willing to give them a go and I like the sounds of this one. There were a few options available that you could receive; Moisture + Smooth, Pore Purifying + Brightening, Pore Purifying + Minimising, or Refresh + Prime. I received the Moisture + Smooth with carrot seed oil and coconut oil in it, which sounds like a good one for dry skin.

NIVEA Creme Tin | RRP $7.99 for 150ml (full size)
This is a very tiny tin of moisturiser which isn't going to go far, but I appreciate the cuteness of it. This is one of NIVEA's classic products (apparently the formula dates back to 1911!) and is designed to be used on the face, and body with key ingredients such as lanolin, glycerin and eucerit (developed by NIVEA.

QVS 2 in 1 Retractable Lip Brush | RRP $9.99
The final full sized product was either one of 2 brushes from QVS, the other option was a Complexion Brush ($6.99). QVS is a brand of makeup tools that I have been buying from for years; they have everything you could need from eyelash curlers to sponges, to mascara wands - all to make applying your makeup easier (especially good if you are an MUA). I only just learnt this from reading the card that came with the box that QVS stands for Quality, Value and Style - who'da thought! I have used other QVS brushes in the past and they've not been the best (they can be quite scratchy), but I am happy to report that this retractable lip brush feels very soft and the brushes seem to have just the right amount of stiffness for them to work well to apply your lip colour. The caps on the end make it a bit more hygienic and easy to carry in your bag for touch-ups if needed.

The final products were 2x sample sachets of the Palmolive Body Moisturiser - this stuff is really good and cheap too (it comes in massive bottles!)

And there you have the January Box - the approximate overall value is around $60, not bad for the $24.95 you pay for it! The inclusion of the Karen Murrell lipstick is a winner for me and I love the fact you could choose a shade that you wanted. Sign up for BellaBox here, the February box is Valentine's theme and comes with a full size Manna Kadar eyeshadow of your choice.

What do you think of the January box?

*PR Sample.


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