WET N WILD | Proline Makeup Brushes

WET N WILD | Proline Makeup Brushes - CassandraMyee

If there is anything I can suggest if you are wanting to get more into makeup, it is too invest in some good brushes. The good thing these days is that really great quality brushes can be found at very inexpensive prices, with brand with Real Techniques having a mid-range price but very high-quality products (some of my RT brushes I have had for 4+ years and they are still going strong!) Super affordable brand, Wet N Wild has just released a new line of brushes - the Proline Series*. These are a little bit more expensive than the overall Wet N Wild line but still remarkably cheap for what you get. 

WET N WILD | Proline Makeup Brushes - CassandraMyee

WET N WILD | Proline Makeup Brushes - CassandraMyee

There is a lot to like about these brushes and I think they have done such a great job overall. The design is very sleek and it reminds me of the Real Techniques Bold Metals range with a tapered handle. One of the design features I love is the indent for your fingers to sit in too - it's a simple design but in my eyes makes a huge difference.The brush hairs are synthetic and totally cruelty-free and they work well with creams and powders. Believe me when I say these are SO soft! I haven't had any shedding and they wash up good as new with a bit of baby shampoo.

WET N WILD | Proline Makeup Brushes - CassandraMyee

There are 8 brushes in the Proline range (pictured left to right).

P10 Dome Pencil Eye Brush (NZD $13.99)
This is one of my most used brushes from this range. I have a similar brush from Urban Decay that I used all the time to run shadow under my eyes but it has been replaced with this one as it helps to blend it out at the same time. It is also good for smudge out eyeliner along the upper and lower lashes.

P25 Flat Face Brush (NZD $13.99)
This is a good one for spot concealing or using for eyeshadow. It works really well for both jobs.

P15 Tapered Blending Brush (NZD $13.99)
This brush basically does what it says on the tin. It is a great blending brush to help seamlessly blend shadows as well as packing on colour.

P75 Tapered Highlighting Brush (NZD $13.99)
I wasn't so sure about this one initially as I prefer a slightly larger brush for highlighting but I am sold on this now. It isn't as dense as others but it means you can get a precise placement of highlighter and then blend it out with the fluffy bristles.

P50 Flat Contour Brush (NZD $16.99)
I like using brushes like this one for contour - it's flat, with dense stubby bristles that work well especially with cream contour products.

P55 Precision Foundation Brush (NZD $16.99)
Although I prefer a sponge for applying my foundation sometimes I do like to use a brush for a quick blend. This foundation brush is tapered on one edge and has a little dip in the middle which you can pump foundation into and then blend from there. See a couple of images below for more detail of the brush.

P70 Blush Brush (NZD $16.99)
This is not your a-typical blush brush; I tend to use something a bit fluffier but this actually works well, despite how dense it is. It could also be used as a big foundation brush, but for blush, whether it is cream or powder, it blends it well and doesn't pick up too much powder.

P60 Large Powder (NZD $16.99)
A brush like this is something everyone who is putting makeup on their face needs urgently. This works well for powder and also bronzer. It's big, fluffy and soft and works like a dream. It is definitely one of my favourites of the 8 available.

WET N WILD | Proline Makeup Brushes - CassandraMyee

WET N WILD | Proline Makeup Brushes - CassandraMyee

The Wet N Wild Proline Brushes are available online and instore at Farmers here in NZ. Although a little more expensive than the other brushes they sell from Wet N Wild (between $2.99 - $6.99), you definitely get what you pay for and more. I couldn't recommend these brushes enough!

What do you think of these brushes? 

*PR Samples.


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