EMPTIES | February '18

EMPTIES | February '18 - CassandraMyee

This is probably the lightest Empties post I have done in a very long time! Perhaps because February was a short month, but most likely because I finished up so many things in December and January that I am only just getting into some new products. But here are some quick reviews of what was finished throughout February.

EMPTIES | February '18 - CassandraMyee

Garnier Pure Active Sensitive Anti-Blemish Soap-Free Gel Wash*
I didn't actually finish this product up - my boyfriend did! I did try it a few times so I could put in my two cents as let's be honest the BF is not picky at all when it comes to beauty products and just says 'yep, it was good.' This is a relatively new range from Garnier specifically formulated with sensitive skin in mind. For a cleanser it was fine, nothing amazing though. It does the job well enough - I think it would be a good one for teens.

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter
I am a huge fan of the Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil, so it is no surprise I also love it in the butter form. This is definitely the more travel-friendly of the two (the oil leaks so badly). This feels amazing on the skin, it melts away makeup quickly and it doesn't leave any oily residue on the skin after you wash it off.

Alpha H Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid*
I can't believe I finally got to the end of this bottle! I have been using it on and off for ages now and really did not want it to end. I would only use this about 2-3 a week (although I think you can use it daily), but I still found I got great results from it. Liquid Gold is designed as a resurfacing treatment to help minimise wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage, and is targetted at mature, sun damaged, ageing or acne-scarred skin. Now I definitely fit into the acne-scarred skin category with a bit of sun damage too. I use this after cleansing and put a bit on a cotton round and wiped it around the face, much like you would a toner. It sinks in straight away and you can apply serums, moisturisers etc on top. I found overall my old acne-scarring and pigmentation was reduced and my skin's texture was much better. I am so glad I have another smaller bottle to use (came in the ASOS Beauty Advent Calendar).

EMPTIES | February '18 - CassandraMyee

Colourpop Brow Pencil in Bangin' Brunette
I have banged on about this pencil a lot and got through them pretty damn quickly. I love that you can get a really strong, precise brow with this but also can blend it through for a more natural look. I will definitely be buying a few more of these soon!

Fresh Sugar Rosé Lip Treatment
Not all lip balms are created equal and this one from Fresh blows so many of them out of the water. I have had two of these on the go - one with my daily makeup and one in my handbag to use during the day. This is a super soft lip balm (it does melt very easily I have found) and it comes in a whole load of different tints. The tint of the Rosé one is a light rosy tint and more in line with what my natural lip colour is. It smells amazing and it feels amazing, my lips stay hydrated for ages when I put this on. It also has an SPF15, so give a bit of protection for the lips. I definitely would want to get another one of these once the other one runs out!

Have you finished many products up this month? I'd love to hear about them.

*Gifted Samples.


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