FARMERS | Beauty Haul - L'Óreal, Maybelline + Essence

FARMERS | Beauty Haul - L'Óreal, Maybelline + Essence - CassandraMyee

NZ department store, Farmers, has always been my go-to when shopping for beauty products and I will be in there regularly checking out what's new and having a play with some new releases. Over the years they've definitely stepped up their game in the beauty department and now have so many brands available that we couldn't get before such as NYX, Wet N Wild and Essence. A couple of weeks ago I went in to grab another of my favourite setting spray from L'Oreal and naturally walked out with a few other new products to try too!

FARMERS | Beauty Haul - L'Óreal, Maybelline + Essence - CassandraMyee

FARMERS | Beauty Haul - L'Óreal, Maybelline + Essence - CassandraMyee

L'Oreal Paradise Extatic Mascara in Black | NZD $26.99
One of the main things I had to get my hands on was this much raved about new mascara release from L'Oreal. It also helped that at the time they had 40% off L'Oreal products which never happens in NZ and made it super cheap (well in NZ terms it was!) If you are familiar with the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (see my review here), this is very similar to that especially the wand design. I absolutely love the Better Than Sex one and I now am fully converted to the Paradise mascara. I've been wearing it every day since I got it and it gives my lashes amazing length, separation and makes them look so fluttery. It doesn't flake, smudge or transfer and isn't too much of a bitch to get off!

L'Oreal Infallible Fixing Mist | NZD $26.99
This was the product I mainly went in to find as I was about to run out of the last bottle I had. I go through this stuff every couple of months as I use it daily. Quite a few people aren't fans of this but as someone who gets pretty oily throughout the day I need something to help prolong my foundation life for as much as possible and this does exactly that. It's got a really fine powder mixed in with the mist that creates a thin barrier over the skin - it works well for me so I am most definitely going to continue using it.

Essence Volume Stylist 18hr Lash Extension Mascara in Black | NZD $6.15
Because I can't resist the Essence stand, I bought a new tube of one of my favourite mascaras from them. It is so cheap (as is everything else they offer), and most of the products I have used have been so good and you'd expect to pay a lot more for them. This has quite a thin wand compared to what I normally go for but it gives such good length to the lashes. 

FARMERS | Beauty Haul - L'Óreal, Maybelline + Essence - CassandraMyee

FARMERS | Beauty Haul - L'Óreal, Maybelline + Essence - CassandraMyee

Maybelline SuperStay 24 Hour Foundation in 110 Ivory | NZD $34.99
Farmers had all Maybelline products for buy 2, get a 3rd free (still running now) and I had been eyeing up some their new releases since they came out and it's not like I needed more of an incentive to buy more makeup. The SuperStay Foundation has had a revamp and I like the original but was intrigued to try the new one. So far I really like it, the coverage is so full, but doesn't feel heavy on the skin. The finish is really nice, but over time (like 8 hours or so) I do find it settles into some fine lines. I definitely need a slightly lighter shade than what I got (there are two lighter than this), but I've been making it work.

Maybelline Master Prime White Pore Minimiser | NZD $19.99
There are four new primers to hit the Maybelline line up to target certain concerns such as redness, illuminating and hydrating. I went for the pore minimiser as my pores are quite large and noticeable - I am up for anything to try and reduce how they look! It feels a bit like the Benefit Porefessional in that it has quite a thick silicon feel. It do like the finish on the skin though and it does help to fill them in and make my foundation apply a lot smoother over top. I am keen to try out the other primers now!

Maybelline Master Chrome in 100 Molten Gold | NZD $20.99
Tati (GlamLifeGuru) on YouTube raved about this highlighter when it was released and I trust her reviews so I knew it was worth a try. It is pretty darn good! This shade is very true gold and can look a bit intense on the skin, but with a more bronzed up look, this is stunning. It doesn't have any chunky bits of glitter in it so is more natural and smooth on the skin.

So as you can see, I went in for one thing and walked out with six... isn't that always the way it goes?! Some of these are now becoming fast favourites and reminds me how much I love these brands!

Have you done any beauty haulage lately?


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