EMPTIES | May '18 - The Body Shop, Ardell, GO Healthy, Toni&Guy, Soap & Glory + More

EMPTIES | May '18 - CassandraMyee

Another month has gone, so here comes another Empties and as it always goes I have found myself getting through a fair amount of product. Some of which are newly discovered products and some are old favourites.

EMPTIES | May '18 - CassandraMyee

L'Oreal Infallible Fixing Mist
I get through these pretty quickly as it is one of my favourite setting sprays, especially for my oily skin. This one has a fine translucent powder that settles at the bottom so the key is to give this a big shake before using. I like that it helps to really lock things in place and helps to prevent oil build up.

The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops Lightening
Foundations are hard things to match perfectly, so these shade lightening (and also darkening drops available too) are so handy to have in the makeup collection. The Body Shop ones are great as they don't alter the formula of your foundation but a couple of drops will lighten it up a shade or two. It means you will get the most out of foundations year round without having to buy it in different shades.

e.l.f. Studio Undereye Setting Powder
This is one makeup item I can't be without and I use it daily to set my under eye concealer. It is a super fine translucent powder which helps to brighten and also set any cream products to stop them from creasing. This is really affordable and one I will always end up repurchasing.

Ardell Brow + Lash Growth Accelerator*
Although designed for both brows and lashes, it felt weird using this on my lashes and then brushing it through my brows and vice versa so I purely used this on my brows. I would apply it after doing my nighttime skincare routine and the spoolie brush helped to comb it through the hairs. When I was using this consistently I definitely could see a bit of difference, specifically in the thickness of my brows. It is one of the cheaper products of its kind on the market and one to try out but it might take a little while to see huge results.

Ash Lash 100% Natural Lash Conditioner*
While I was using the Ardell one on my brows, I would use this on my lashes. Ash Lash Care is based here in Auckland and they make this all-natural lash serum to help with the growth of your lashes. There are a few products like this on the market and I have tried a couple with varied results. Ash Lash definitely surprised me and worked well to lengthen my lashes over time. It took around 4 weeks before I noticed a difference and I would imagine with continued use you will certainly be able to see a lot of growth and thickness.

GO Healthy Go Beautiful Skin Collagen Support Supplements*
While skin care is so important, looking after your body from the inside also helps majorly. Lately, I have been taking a few various supplements to help with my overall skin health as well as helping my nails and hair growth. The GO Healthy Collagen support is taken before bed on an empty stomach to get to work while you sleep. I would just take one tablet with a good gulp of water and let it do its magic. I can certainly say that after taking these my skin looked a lot plumper and a few wrinkles I had forming weren't quite as deep. This comes in a 60 or 120 capsule sizes and the ingredients are all naturally derived.

EMPTIES | May '18 - CassandraMyee

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo + Conditioner*
I am not one that is really picky with shampoo and conditioner. My hair is pretty easy to manage in that regards as not a whole lot upsets. I do use heat on it daily, and I find the ends can get a little frazzled, so something with a bit of hydration never goes amiss. Herbal Essences is a fairly cheap brand and to be honest these worked pretty darn well for me! No complaints at all - loved the scent and they made my hair feel very soft and silky.

Toni&Guy Heat Protection Mist*
As I mentioned above I use heat on my hair every single day so a product like this a must for me. I don't know if it really helps, but I like to think it does! I like this one as the mist was very fine and you could cover the whole head in a few spritzes. It also lasted ages too! I would definitely look at buying this myself.

Soap & Glory The Rushower Scent-sational Dry Shampoo
This has cropped up in a few empties and every time I sing its praises. This stuff seriously rocks and definitely wins for best dry shampoo in my books. You can get this big can for $7 at Mecca Max in NZ and it leaves no grey cast at all and soaks up excess oil in a jiffy.

EMPTIES | May '18 - CassandraMyee

Goodness Every Day Cream Cleanser*
Goodness is an all natural brand based here in NZ and is the younger sister to the super brand Trilogy. I really like the Goodness products that I have tried (almost all of them from their range), they are perfect for anyone who wants good quality skincare, at an affordable price point that does the job well. This cream cleanser felt lovely on the skin and removed any traces of leftover makeup easily and didn't leave the skin feeling dry. The big tube also lasted a good few months for me.

Acure Brightening Facial Scrub*
Now, this product was actually used up by my boyfriend, however, I did try it once and it left me with very irritated and red skin which is very rare for me! Usually, my skin doesn't react in such extremes but the scrub was seriously powerful and I got out of the shower with a very distinct overall red complexion where I had used it. While it didn't itch or hurt, the redness took a little while to calm down and after that, I just didn't want to use it again. My boyfriend had no issues with it so obviously something in there that my skin didn't like!

Manuka Doctor Purifying Facial Toner*
Toners are so underrated but it is a key step in my skincare routine. Manuka Doctor products all use the power of bee venom, so if you are allergic in any way, stay clear of these products. I haven't had any issues with their range in the past and this one was no exception. The green 'ApiClear' range is specifically targetted for those with acne prone and oily skin and it helps to purify and really cleanse the skin of excess makeup/dirt etc. I really liked it and would definitely look at using it again.

Maybelline Eye + Lip Make Up Remover
My most favourite makeup remover for the eyes and one I will always come back to. I have said it time and time again, this stuff is amazing. It will also remove dries matte liquid lipsticks with ease!

What products have you finished lately? Any standouts I should know about?

*PR Samples.


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