BELLABOX NZ | Birthday Bash - October '18 Unboxing + Thoughts

BELLABOX NZ | October '18 Unboxing + Thoughts - CassandraMyee

The October bellabox* is an extra special one as it's their Birthday Box! Generally, they pack in a couple of special products and really deliver with the quality of the brands. The 2018 October box does not disappoint!

BELLABOX NZ | October '18 Unboxing + Thoughts - CassandraMyee

If you haven't heard about bellabox, let me give you a quick rundown. They're an Australian owned and run beauty subscription service inspired by the UK's Glossybox. They now also offer their boxes to NZ beauty lovers and they try and include different products in the NZ box each month. The two countries will often share a hero product but the others are specifically catered to the brands we have available here. It arrives each month with at least 5 different products in various sizes to try out.

The October box contains 6 products; 2 full sized, 3 deluxe samples sizes and 1 sachet.

BELLABOX NZ | October '18 Unboxing + Thoughts - CassandraMyee

Enbacci Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Essential Creme | RRP AUD $103 (50ml)
The hero product is this full sized moisturiser from the brand Enbacci which has featured in a bellabox a couple of months back. It is a brand I hadn't heard of previously but really love the look and sound of this product. It contains grape stem cells to help protect the skin from environmental damages whilst also being deeply hydrating. The packaging feels really high quality too.

Appeal Cosmetics Highlighter Drops in Gold | RRP NZD $44.07 (15ml)
I am all for trying new brands and especially being able to support smaller indie makeup companies, of which Appeal Cosmetics is. I can't find a lot of information about the brand (they need to add more on their website!) But from what I can tell they started off with selling mink false lashes and moved into other cosmetics such as lipsticks, pigments and these highlighting drops. There is an option of 3 shades available; Bronze, Gold or Platinum. As you'll be able to see in the swatch below these are seriously metallic and gorgeous - I am so surprised! This is just one drop lightly spread out on my arm. I could imagine how amazing this would look blended into the skin on the high points with a damp sponge or even used underneath your foundation for a 'lit from within' sort of glow.

TLW Let's Get Naked Frizz Fighter | RRP AUD $19.90 (125ml)
The next product doesn't give much away on the packaging at all! This is a 20ml sample size from a brand I haven't used before, TLW. It is a hair serum to help smooth, condition and seal strands. I will definitely be using this and I am sure it will feature in an Empties soon enough.

MOR Eau de Parfum Rosa Noir | RRP NZD $79.99 (100ml)
I am a sucker for a good scent and love trying perfume. These little 2ml bottles are great for travelling with or to stash in your handbag. There are two options that you can receive, Rosa Noir and Marshmallow. Rosa Noir is a scent that is available in a few of their different product lines and it features notes of Rose, Carnation and Lily of the Valley with notes of Sandalwood, Musk and Tonka Bean in what they dub a 'seductive floral fragrance'. It is pretty potent but I really like it! This would be a more evening scent for me.

Dr Lewinn's Eternal Youth Skin Polishing Exfoliant | RRP NZD $34.99 (100g)
I have used products from the Eternal Youth range before and really liked them; my skin definitely looked better for it. I am looking forward to trying this 3g sample size of their Exfoliant that features the unique ingredient Juveleven, a hexapeptide that protects DNA from damage, stimulates its natural repair pathways and enhances cellular longevity and vitality (source here), as well as green tea and activated charcoal to help cleanse the skin of impurities and tighten pores.

The bonus product was a one-use foil sachet of the Dr Lewinn's Eternal Youth Day and Night Cream.

BELLABOX NZ | October '18 Unboxing + Thoughts - CassandraMyee

For their annual Birthday Box, I am impressed and I think it's a great mix of new brands and some brands I have already tried. I think the highlight of the box (excuse my pun) is the Appeal Cosmetics Highlighter Drops - I mean, look how stunning! The overall value for the contents of the October box sits at approx. $160 - an amazing value for the $24.95 you pay each month.

If you love beauty or just want to try some new brands and new products, I would really recommend this monthly subscription service. Who wouldn't want a little treat like this to arrive each month!

Have you tried any of these products?

*PR Samples. Not sponsored.


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