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Revolution Makeup (formally known as Makeup Revolution... or is it also still known as that too?!) has recently been launched into one of New Zealand's largest department stores in NZ, Farmers and they kindly sent me some new releases and products that they will be stocking in celebration. I do want to note that Beauty Bliss was actually the very first stockists of the brand here in NZ a couple of years back, and if you want to buy online and support an awesome small business I would definitely check them out. They were great supporters of my blog from the early days and the small team work so hard to bring a lot of brands that would otherwise be non-existent to us NZ beauty lovers. I would really encourage you to check out their range and also the selection of other awesome brands they stock. Ok, now let's dive into the products themselves.

RECENT EMPTIES | August + September '18

EMPTIES | August '18 - CassandraMyee

I have been a bit slack with the old Empties posts, so I thought I would lump together all of my recent Empties from the past couple of months into one big post. Skip through if there is a certain product you are interested to hear my thoughts on - there's a fair few to get through.
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