EMPTIES | May + June 2019

EMPTIES | May + June 2019 - Cassandra Myee

If you missed my latest post (The Comeback Cass - read it here), you will know that I took an unintentional break from my blog for a few months there. I mentioned in that post that I have a bit of a backlog of Empties and other reviews to get through and I still want to post them as they're still relevant and will hopefully be helpful to you. There are a lot of familiar products on this list from May and June but a few new products that I really loved and want to rave about!


I feel like I need to reintroduce myself. Hi, my name is Cass, I turn 30 next year (wild!) and I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I started my blog way back in 2013 and since then have posted over 1,000 blog posts and probably 4x the amount of photos. I love beauty and makeup, and that is where this…
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